NEWS: Jack in the Box Introduces New Fries and McDonald’s Says ‘Did You Hear Something? Because I Didn’t.’

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I don’t really care for Jack in the Box’s Natural Cut Fries because they’re limp, not crispy and they make me feel sad for the potatoes that were used to make them.

I either replace them with curly fries or dip them in so much ketchup you’d think I’m Jack Bauer and I’m torturing the fries to find out where the nuclear bomb is. Thankfully, sometime this month, Jack in the Box will be serving new French Fries that are supposed to be crispier and tastier.

The new fries will be available in three sizes and approximately priced at $1.39 (small), $1.79 (medium) and $1.99 (large).

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14 thoughts to “NEWS: Jack in the Box Introduces New Fries and McDonald’s Says ‘Did You Hear Something? Because I Didn’t.’”

  1. Maybe this is the new trend in fast food where they are reinventing old items. Domino’s pizza did and increased their sales

  2. Hopefully, this goes better than the BK fries fiasco. God, I hate their fries! How can something so simple go so horribly wrong?

    Let me know because I don’t have no Jack in the Box in Ohio.

  3. Thank God they are redoing their fries. Now if only Carl’s Jr would take the hint and get rid of their disgusting regular fries too! McDonalds Fries are seriously the only ones left that I don’t think are absolutely disgusting. I have no idea why all of the others switched, but they need to change them back to what they used to serve.

  4. 1) JitB’s fries are not only always limp, they’re usually cold, too. I second kagai’s opinion that BK’s fries are awful, but I hate JitB’s even more.

    2) Remember when Jack Bauer used to do cool things like torture bad guys and kill terrorists? This season has about as much action as an episode of The Golden Girls.

  5. I’ve never liked Mc Donalds fries, but I do like Wendy’s and Dairy queen. They have to be crispy on the outside and mush on the inside. My favorite fries are the long ones that are kinda mushy and bendy, and a little crispy at the ends. I hate In and Out’s fries, they taste like Styrofoam. Or at least they feel like it. I like to get a little value fry from Wendy’s with my salad. I don’t really eat fries from JITB since all I get now from them since they got rid of the ciabatta (which means SLIPPER) is the southwest and teriyaki bowl. Though, I bought some really good Teriyaki sauce with sesame seeds in it and it would make a good chicken bowl, that is, if I had remembered to buy the sticky rice today. DAMNIT!

  6. We don’t have Jack in the Box in these parts, but we do have Burger King and their fries are terrible! And this is coming from a girl who never met a fry she didn’t like – until she met the King’s fries. If I want a Whopper, I will go to BK for the burger and McD’s or Wendy’s for the fries. Hardee’s fries are gross too, FYI. I’m excited to think of places trying to make awesome fries.

  7. this has been a long time coming, Jatb at least gets that their fries taste like raw stank with a side of butt. Still though I think five guys has the best.. and their are a few regional fast food places that outdo everybody

  8. Can’t wait to try their new fries — I love fries — never met one I didn’t like — except for maybe the ones at In and Out Burger which were so soggy and limp!

  9. Just had the new fries, not a fan at all hopefully they go back to the natural cut fries

  10. The best fries EVER are Checker’s Fries….you must try them if you haven’t! The are crunchy, crispy, the inside is soft at the same time, they are seriously seasoned to perfection!

  11. Hmm okay, well I dont go to Jack in the Box. But I just asj=ked my sis to pick me up the sirloin swiss grilled onion burger and fries (2012 fries) So I’ll see how that goes. I really don’t know what kind of fries I like, because they’re all different. I like In n out, I don’t feel as guilty eating them. Carl’s is good. But really the fast food places that are not joints are usually the best. It’s not all mass produced and yuck. Like PK’s Burgers. Best burgers best fries best breakfast burritos.But only one. That’s how it is. I’ll review jack in a bit..hungry. arggg.

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