NEWS: Cinnabon Now Offering Separately The Best Or, Depending Who You Ask, Worst Part Of Their Cinnamon Rolls

The bite-sized Cinnabon Center of the Roll sounds like the cinnamon roll equivalent of donut holes. But its name sounds like it took 20 seconds to come up with because it’s so literal. Where’s the marketing pixie dust or marketing cream cheese frosting to give it a catchy name?

Well I’ve got some marketing pixie dust right here and in 30 seconds I’m going to come up with a better name for the Cinnabon Center of the Roll. Ready?

BOOM! I got it!


Did it in 25 seconds. Feel free to use it.

The Cinnabon Center of the Roll takes the sticky, gooey middle of their classic cinnamon roll, stick it in a cup and cover it with their signature and equally sticky, gooey cream cheese frosting. They’re currently available at participating locations until November 6th.

Image via flickr user ping ping / CC BY SA 2.0

14 thoughts to “NEWS: Cinnabon Now Offering Separately The Best Or, Depending Who You Ask, Worst Part Of Their Cinnamon Rolls”

    1. Someone should make Itty Bitty Tinny Cinni Minis. I don’t know what they would be, but they would have an awesome name.

  1. That would be the best part, were the centers not so often underdone. But to be really worth eating, they need to be the actual center, not a seperate-baked pastry. If that came true, what would they do with the unappealing “cina-rinds?” Were they scared off by that episode of Seinfeld where Elane tries to dispose of the muffin bottoms from the bakery that only sells muffin tops? Even homeless people didn’t want the muffin bottoms…. And it’s the same sad fate for “cinna-rinds.” Unless these new pastries are cut from day-old cinnabons, (yeah, right) I can kiss my dream of only consuming the centers of cinnabons good bye.

  2. Cinna-middles. With or without the hyphen.

    5 seconds tops, to answer “the how long?”

    I mean, 2 double letters in each syllable?!?

    Genius… Dammit, too late to throw a Tm at it?

    1. 2nd thought, cinna-middles sounds like the Kroger knockoff of this same item.

      CinnaSPLOSION. How’s that? Meh….

      If you’re less inclined towards PC, I’d go with just Cin.

      Your catch phrase could be, “Jesus died for this Cin.”

      I’d recommend the Gecko/Caveman commercial treatment to beat this joke to death, while you make millions.

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