NEWS: Wendy’s Goes All ‘What Not To Wear’ (Or Insert Any Other Makeover Show Here) On Their Fries

This week, Wendy’s announced a nationwide rollout of its new natural-cut fries with sea salt. After 41 years of their classic fries, which taste great dipped in a Frosty, Wendy’s decided it was time to give them a makeover.

Hmm…an attempt at a makeover after 41 years? Sounds like a particular French fry is having a mid-life crisis.

The fries are made using Russet potatoes that are sliced “natural-style” with the skins left on for additional texture and taste. Then they are cooked in a proprietary oil that contains no allergens and has 0 grams of trans fat. Sea salt is sprinkled to enhance the flavor. The fries are designed to be hotter, crispier and tastier than the original version.

Wendy’s Natural-Cut Fries with Sea Salt will be priced the same as their current French fries and offered in the same sizes. The nationwide rollout begins November 11th.

Image via Wendy’s

6 thoughts to “NEWS: Wendy’s Goes All ‘What Not To Wear’ (Or Insert Any Other Makeover Show Here) On Their Fries”

  1. They have had these at my local Wendy’s for awhile and they are so freaking good! Actually, these are now the best thing at Wendy’s and yes they still taste good with a coating of Frosty but because they are not as thick as the old ones you don’t get a lot of frosty to fry ratio.

  2. These look a lot like Carl’s Jr fries, I wonder if they taste the same. I went to Wendy’s last night and got the old style fries, but Anchorage will probably be one of the last places to get them.

  3. Interesting. I’ve always found Wendy’s fries to be pretty bland (and practically inedible once they got even a little cold), so I will have to try these.

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