NEWS: New Rockstar Pink Doesn’t Improve Women’s Energy Drink Equality

Rockstar For Women

Updated: Read our Rockstar PINK review here

Why do women’s energy drinks come in cans smaller than most regular energy drinks?

Go Girl Energy Drink…11.5 ounces.

Her Energy Drink…8.4 ounces.

At 12 ounces, the new Rockstar Pink Energy Drink is larger than those two, but 25 percent smaller than almost every other Rockstar Energy Drink. Just because women in the United States still earn only 77 cents on the male dollar, according to the US Census, that doesn’t mean women’s energy drink sizes should match that.

Rockstar Pink is sugar free, has zero carbs, contains something called “Rockstar Actives” and is only 10 calories per can. It also comes attached with a drinking straw. That’s right, women. You don’t get those four ounces, but you do get a straw.

Progress! Yeah!

Rockstar Pink will roll out nationally sometime this month.

Source: Rockstar Facebook Fan Page

8 thoughts to “NEWS: New Rockstar Pink Doesn’t Improve Women’s Energy Drink Equality”

  1. Maybe it makes me some energy drink size queen but I don’t want a smaller can — I’ll stick to my 16-oz Red Bulls. I bet the next one will have glitter on it haha

  2. This is a joke, right? I don’t care if my energy drink has a “sexy look, and is the first can with an attached straw!”

    Why on earth do they think I need a straw, especially if they’re giving me a SMALLER can?! haha.

    On the other hand, Rockstar 2X caught my attention with its 250mg. of caffeine. With the simultaneous debut of Rockstar 2X, one could argue that Pink’s size isn’t a result of sexism…but the pink, the straw and the overall marketing approach has FAIL written all over it.

    I’m with Laura, I’d rather stick with my 16 oz redbull or, with a twist of irony, opt for a 10 oz bottle of Blue Bawls.

  3. I spotted the new hot pink & black can in the cooler in my local grocery store right away. I questioned Rockstar’s inclusion of the straw–it’s tiny & weak, like a juce straw. I broke mine pulling it off the can. The flavor is acceptable, pink lemonade they say? could’ve passed for strawberry or a pink grapefruit. The small can fits in a pants pocket better, because it’s sized like a like a Red Bull. It tastes much better than the “energy drink” flavored diet tastes like. I put my “usual” Rockstar Zero 16oz blue can in my pockets sometimes, it’s always a tight squeeze. I like the bold berry flavor of the blue can. I don’t know if I’ll buy the Rockstar Pink again, as it isn’t as cost effective as the 16oz or 24oz! $1.79 for the Pink, versus $1.99-$2.99 for the 16&24oz cans.

  4. Rockstar is nothing but a crappy knockoff of Red Bull and rockstar Pink is nothing but a crappy knockoff of HER. It doesn’t at taste like pink lemonade. I’ll stick with my HER thank you…great taste and they give a portion of proceeds to women’s charities. I don’t know why any woman would support a brand whose opinions of women are to make them look and at like porn stars…rockstars’ website is 69? really?!?! gross disgusting…

  5. I like it. I like the smaller can — it’s a good compromise between the small Red Bull size and the giant ones. I don’t actually want 16 oz (although I don’t want to pay for 16 and get 12, of course). I don’t drink that much liquid at once. I like the flavor, too, although it’s not quite as good as Tab Energy Drink was — that kind of light maraschino cherry thing. My fave is actually No Fear Sugar Free, but that’s gotten really hard to find lately, and again, I like the smaller can.

    I think the theory behind the straw is that lipstick-wearers can avoid smearing their lipstick all over the mouth of the can.

  6. Lol this is ridiculous to me. I like the smaller can myself, I don’t need 16 ozs. I think the 12 oz is a great compromise and amount…especially because it’s supposed to be a “diet” one. If you’re looking for a “diet” energy you really need 16 ozs? And as lame as it may sound..i’m behind the straw…i like my lipgloss to stay on my lips rather than all over my can. I will say i get more of a pink grapefruit taste than lemonade though…

  7. Rockstar is not comprised of women haters, if you read the side of the can you’ll find that there is 120 mg of caffeine in that can. A normal energy drink has 80 mg, so for one youre getting more bang for you’re buck. Another thing, low calorie drinks are huge in the market currently, how bout the dr.pepper that s 10 calories and marketed as ‘made for men.’ The calories are about slimming down fat america, not about ladies. I guess don’t feel so special, they’re just selling a product America wants.

  8. I find Rockstar Pink to be one of my favorite energy drinks out there. I like the smaller can, because I drink energy drinks for caffeine, not hydration. I’d rather be able to knock one back quickly than have an equal sized can. Before someone tells me to go try 5-hour energy or something similar, Rockstar Pink tastes good, unlike the energy shots currently on the market. I hate the bitter aftertaste. I want a more delicate and sweet taste, without being syrupy. Rockstar Pink does that. And the straw not only helps with the lighter taste, it’s also fun! There’s actually a teeny bit more caffeine in Pink, versus original, per ounce. You aren’t getting cheated on your caffeine. It’s fewer calories, too. What’s not to love?

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