NEWS: No Coconuts Will Be Killed In The Making of Limited Edition Twix Coconut

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Every year it seems like Twix comes out with a limited edition version. I’d check to see if it’s true, but I just ate a Twix candy bar and my fingers are covered in chocolate, making it hard to type. But how am I typing this paragraph? I’m dictating it into my iPod Touch using the Dragon Dictation app.

Anyhoo, this year, Mars will be releasing the Limited Edition Twix Coconut.

According to Candyblog, the candy bar won’t have any coconut in them, instead it will have a little bit of coconut flavor. Besides that, it will have the same Twix ingredients that we all know, love, and buy impulsively when we’re in the checkout line waiting for some person who purchased enough food to feed a platoon; claims some of the products are on sale, which leads to price checks; asks for the groceries to be packed in paper and plastic; and writes a personal check.

Limited Edition Twix Coconut will be available starting in April 2011.

Source: Candyblog

Image via flickr user The Big Scout Project / CC BY 2.0

6 thoughts to “NEWS: No Coconuts Will Be Killed In The Making of Limited Edition Twix Coconut”

    1. I need to get my hands on a pack when they come out because I think all of you are expecting us to review this. 🙂

    1. I will no longer say anything bad about coconut because I’m afraid of the repercussions every time I walk underneath a palm tree. We have a lot of those here.

  1. Twix should try the slogan “The official candy bar of waiting in line.” When I was stuck in Walmart’s “20 items or less” oxymoronic “Speedy” line yesterday behind some octogenarian writing a check out for $87 for the five bags of groceries piled in his cart, I started glancing around and found the Twix PB seemed to be STARING back at me saying, “Seriously?! I feel your pain, brah. Eat me and I’ll take your mind off the 20 minutes of your life you’re wasting watching someone else buy Great Value garbage bags.”

    I resisted after realizing I don’t even LIKE Twix PB that much and adding 400 King-Size calories probably wasn’t going to make me feel any better about Jo-pah and Granny Gimp-a-long and their monthly trip to town for some of that new-fangled instant coffee.

    Twix are the king of stifling annoyance.

  2. These little bastards are out and I had one yesterday… NICE. It’s strange though to have caramel and coconut together, kind of like the 3 Stooges with Shemp.

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