NEWS: Dominex Introduces New Veggie Fries for Moms to Fool Their Kids Into Eating Their Veggies; Kids Not Fooled One Bit

Dominex is a brand I never knew existed until I saw an announcement for their new Veggie Fries. Dominex is, apparently, “The Eggplant People.” You may be wondering what that means. It means Dominex takes perfectly innocent foods like burgers and meatballs and tries to emulate them using eggplant. Dr. Frankenstein meets the purple plant that absorbs the flavors around it. I guess eggplant is the new tofu?

Regardless, Dominex has added Veggie Fries to their eggplant empire. Breaded Italian Style Eggplant Fries, to be more precise. I was convinced “Italian Style” fries was something Dominex made up to make eggplant fries sound more appetizing, but Googling Italian style fries brought up over a million hits, so I guess that’s egg(plant) on my face.

Veggie Fries’ big selling point, besides Doninex’s motto of “A Fun Way to Enjoy You Veggies!”, is that Veggie Fries have 65% less sodium than french fries. They also claim to be made with all-natural ingredients and freshly-sourced eggplant. I have no idea what freshly-sourced means, and Google didn’t really help me out, so it sounds to me like one of those bullshit phrases someone made up to make something sound more organic. I invite anyone to educate me in the comments section.

Dominex doesn’t have Veggie Fries up on their official website yet, so the only nutritional information available right now is that a full serving has only 80 milligrams of sodium. The suggested retail price for a 14-ounce bag is $4.49.

5 thoughts to “NEWS: Dominex Introduces New Veggie Fries for Moms to Fool Their Kids Into Eating Their Veggies; Kids Not Fooled One Bit”

  1. Maybe “freshly sourced” is marketing-speak for “I assure you our ingredients aren’t horribly rotten when we start making this shit. Who knows what the hell happens after that.”

  2. I’m still waiting for the Dominatrix brand to start selling stuff. When it does, I will buy their products, because I am her bitch.

  3. So what part of the cow does a potato come from again? Unfortunatly, I was under the impresssion that fries allready were “veggie fries”. What’s next? A soy protien meat substitute apple?

  4. I’ve tried the veggie fries and they are amazing.
    I bake them a little longer than it suggests and I serve them with A Greek cucumber yogurt dip.

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