NEWS: New Limited-Edition Chocolate Creme and Strawberry & Creme Twinkies To Make Stoners Say ‘Whoa’

Hostess, the snack maker with the mostess, introduced two new limited-edition flavors: Chocolate Creme and Strawberry & Creme. They’re releasing these new flavors as part of their Twinkie Mania promotion, which allows Twinkie fans to vote for a new Twinkie flavor filling.

The choices fans will get to vote for are: Raspberry Tart, Cookies n Creme, Blueberry Pie, and Lemon Meringue. The winning flavor will become a limited edition flavor.

Personally, I’m glad Twinkies has released some new flavors because I was bored with getting fat from the plain old vanilla creme ones. It almost got to the point of me replacing “as boring as the missionary position” with “as boring as Vanilla Twinkies” in my everyday language.

The new limited edition flavors are available now nationwide.

6 thoughts to “NEWS: New Limited-Edition Chocolate Creme and Strawberry & Creme Twinkies To Make Stoners Say ‘Whoa’”

  1. It would be interesting if the Twinkie market went out on a limb and started to do what is done in Japan with Coke and Pepsi. That is, they release two pretty “out there” flavors a year just for the attention it may bring the brand.

    Personally, I’d love to see chestnut or sweet potato varieties, but even something as relatively mainstream as peanut butter would be more interesting than the ones you’ve mentioned.

    1. I would love to see Hostess do that with Twinkies. Actually, I’d love to see other companies come out with “out there” flavors. There are lots of limited edition products, but most of them are so tame.

  2. You know, I LOVE this site, but the titles for news articles are just not funny. I get what you guys are trying to do, but the titles are rarely funny. It’s my only pet peeve to an otherwise amazing site.

    1. If you LOVE this site, then you MUST love WHATEVER we deliver to your eye socket fillers. Just kidding. Actually, you don’t have to and I understand how you feel.

      (Note: I wrote a long 500 word response to your comment, but I decided to simplify it.)

      I try my best to come up with a slightly entertaining title for the news posts in the time I allot myself. I probably could come up with really great titles if I spent an hour thinking of one, but honestly that probably not a good use of my time. I’ll admit that some are hits and some are not perfect, but whatever I come up with is a helluva lot better than “McDonald’s Introduces New Breakfast Sandwich” or some really bland like that. But more importantly, I like them.

      I’m sure other people feel the same way you do, and that’s fine that you all feel that way. But when I write something, I’m aiming to please myself, because it’s REALLY HARD to please everyone else.

      1. I understand 🙂 Like I said, I don’t hate the content, at all! I guess because I save and read all of the articles in one sitting on a weekend, the title business stands out for me more than your average reader. I shall try to refrain from wincing, I promise 🙂

  3. I’ve been looking all over for a box of strawberry twinkies … I’m in St. Louis, does anyone know how I can get a box?

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