NEWS: New VitaminWater Zero Glow Helps Your Complexion, Quenches Your Thirst, and Makes Me Remember Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling

Update: Click here to read our VitaminWater Zero Glow and VitaminWater Zero Drive review

There are two new VitaminWater Zero flavors available to frustrate those who think they’ve tried ever VitaminWater variety in existence. VitaminWater Zero Glow is a strawberry and guanabana (yes, that’s a real fruit) flavored water that contains biotin and vitamins E and A to “help support & maintain healthy skin, hair, and nails.” VitaminWater Zero Drive is a blood orange and mixed berry flavored water that has 100 percent of your daily intake of vitamin C and 75 milligrams of sweet, sweet caffeine per 20-ounce bottle, which it gets from coffee beans and yerba mate extract.

Both also contain electrolytes and 40 percent of your daily recommended consumption of vitamins B3, B5, B6, and B12. While I do think VitaminWater Zero Drive is useful, thanks to the sweet caffeine, I’m not sure how effective VitaminWater Zero Glow will be with helping one’s skin. With Drive, I can drink just one and the sweet, sweet caffeine will help give me a boost of energy when I’m watching bunda videos on YouTube at three in the morning, but with Glow, I imagine you’d have to drink more than one bottle for it to be beneficial.

And that’s how they getcha!

9 thoughts to “NEWS: New VitaminWater Zero Glow Helps Your Complexion, Quenches Your Thirst, and Makes Me Remember Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling”

  1. That’s not very much caffeine, if I remember right a Rockstar Low Carb has 220mg of caffeine.

    Vitamin Water is obviously marketed towards chicks, if you want to be a man and rock with your **** out then Rockstar is the only choice.

  2. I don’t recommend their new flavor Yeasty. “the VitaminWater that helps, supports & maintains you down there” , it had a very off flavor.

  3. Without being able to see the top of the bottle, the shape reminds me of something that floor cleaner would come in.

  4. I have a bottle of Vitamin Water Zero Glow sitting at my desk right now. It’s been there for five days, waiting for me to throw it away. The whole concoction tastes like fruit-flavored chalk. Never again, thank you. If you’re looking to give your hair, skin and nails a boost, I would recommend GNC Women’s Hair, Skin & Nails Formula. Two little pills contain 100% of your daily intake of Vitamins A & E and 1,000% of your biotin, as opposed to the Vitamin Water which contains only 40% of your A & E and 40% of your biotin. You’re going to have to drink A LOT of Vitamin Water if you want it to have a positive effect and for the same amount of nutrients, the pills (which are pretty cheap to begin with) end up being much more cost effective… not to mention they don’t taste like garbage.

    1. I think someone’s a little bitter, it’s not that bad. Yeesh. Plus, those hair, skin , and nails supplements do taste like garbage. worse smelling that horse pills. Don’t lie to us. So what if you don’t get much vitamins in Glow, it’s not a supplement it’s just added vitamins.

  5. I can’t wait to try the new vitamin water ‘glow’, I love vitamin water cause it really does what it claims 🙂

    Vitamin Water has a flavor called ‘Yeasty’?!…Why would anyone drink, or even want to drink, something flavored ‘Yeasty’?o.0

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