NEWS: Der Wienerschnitzel Offers New Bacon Wrapped Dogs, Frustrating Millions Who Gave Up Bacon for Lent

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I lived within walking distance of a Wienerschnitzel for the first 22 years of my life, and I never went there once. I’m not going to delve deep into my psyche to figure out why, but the Occam’s Razor explanation is that my parents always bought Oscar Meyer hot dogs, and Oscar Meyer hot dogs suck, so I just figured all hot dogs suck. I’m older and more open-minded now; I eat Nathan’s all-beef natural casings and put all kinds of crazy toppings on them that would probably gross some of you out.

I now live within reasonable driving distance of a Wienerschnitzel, but I still have not experienced their hot dogs. Probably because I can make better ones at home. However, Der Wiener has come out with a couple of new dogs that have piqued my interest: the Bacon Wrapped Dog Bacon Wrapped Dog and the Bacon Wrapped Dog Street Dog. Now, I realize they’re calling a dog a dog here, but if you’re going to create a category of food such as “Bacon Wrapped Dog,” try to get a little more creative with the actual dog name. At least change up the order of words. Bacon Wrapped Dog: Dog Wrapped in Bacon. Okay, that sounds stupid, too. I give up.

Der Schnitz has very little to say about the Bacon Wrapped Dogs on its website beyond a coupon, but my source says that the Bacon Wrapped Dog is a…bacon-wrapped dog, and the Street Dog, while also wrapped in bacon, also has grilled onions, mustard, mayo, and ketchup as toppings. Mayo: interesting choice for a wiener topping.

The Bacon Wrapped Dog will cost you $1.79 and the Street Dog $1.99. Der Wien offers Original, Turkey and Big 100% Angus Beef Dogs on its regular menu; I’ll go out on a limb and say the Bacon Wrapped Dogs will also be available in these three options.

No nutritional information is available at this time.

Source: Brand Eating

2 thoughts to “NEWS: Der Wienerschnitzel Offers New Bacon Wrapped Dogs, Frustrating Millions Who Gave Up Bacon for Lent”

  1. That is almost the same as the Sonoran dogs they sold here in Tucson last year, just without the beans.

  2. Affectionately know as “Weenie Hut” among the horde I devoured my first Weenie Hut dog in the late 1960s when the firm opened their first outlet in Livermore, CA.

    Ecstatic I was when learning that a mere 18 pennies would buy a rather large hot dog and the soft bun it lay upon.

    That was for the “base model” mustard dog.

    Other dog-types cost a few pennies more.

    Cost was dependent upon toppings, condiments, etc.

    I guess that mustard was the cheapest condiment thus resulting in the mustard dog being the cheapest item on the menu.

    As the years progressed and my mind and body aged, and rapid was the overall decay, especially within the brain hidden inside my rather oddly-shaped head (some would say misshapen).

    Anyway… the menu increased its offerings, prices rose to reflect inflation and the patronage reached prodigious numbers.

    A horde of the human herd clamored for Weenie Hut grub.

    In comparison to competitor’s costs Weenie Hut grub was affordable.

    Squawking brats, vile spawn of the masses, could be appeased, made to “SHUT UP” when a Weenie Hut dog, burger or whatever was crammed into the brat’s mouth.


    Weenie Hut provides a valuable social service.

    Hallelujah and Hosanna!!!

    Weenie Hut’s burgers, fries, dogs etc are generally at the lower end of the price scale but taste-wise I rate much of their fare as above-par.

    Praise to the Weenie Hut!!

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