NEWS: McDonald’s Chicken McBites Allow Them To Attach The Prefix Mc To Another Word


Update: Click here to read our McDonald’s McBites review

Sure, I can’t tell you what part of the chicken are in McDonald’s Chicken McNuggets, but even if I did know and it wasn’t the good parts, I’d still probably eat them by the McLoad because they’re McYummy in my McTummy and I adore McDonald’s Hot Mustard Sauce. However, the McDonald’s Chicken McBites, which are currently being tested in Detroit, might do what McDonald’s Chicken Selects couldn’t do, which is lure me away from McNuggets.

According to Burger Business, McDonald’s first introduced Chicken McBites in Australia. However, they are no longer selling them there, since it was a limited edition item. (Here’s a review of the Australian Chicken McBites). Those McBites were made out of 100 percent chicken breast-meat, had a Southern-style coating, didn’t come with a dipping sauce, and were similar in size with KFC’s Popcorn Chicken.

Burger Business goes on to report that the Chicken McBites in Detroit are being sold by weight. A 4-ounce serving goes for $1.99, 6 ounces cost $2.99, and a 12-ounce serving goes for $4.99.

Source: Burger Business

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  1. I had them yesterday, and they weren’t bad at all. Went in to just get a sweet tea, and they were giving samples, I tried them and they were good, good enough for me to buy the 45pk for 5 bucks and take home to the family, who also loved them. I was also surprised that I liked them more than McNuggets.

  2. The pricing makes no sense unless you click through and see that the middle size is $2.99, not $2.00.

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