NEWS: California Pizza Kitchen’s Pizza & Appetizer Lets Your Oven Pretend It’s A CPK Wood-Burning Oven

CPK Pizza & Appetizer

Update: Click here for our California Pizza Kitchen Pizza & Appetizer review

During a recent grocery trip to Safeway, I spotted this box of California Pizza Kitchen’s Pizza & Appetizers in the freezer aisle. I could only find the sicilian pizza with spinach artichoke dip variety, but there could be others. If you’ve seen other varieties, let us know in the comments.

This combination is similar to the DiGiorno Pizza & Cookies and Pizza & Wyngz that came out earlier this year.

I really hope there are other varieties, because I’m not a huge fan of CPK’s sicilian pizza. But I do enjoy their Spinach Artichoke Dip, which is possibly the unhealthiest way I can become strong to the finich, cause I eats me spinach. Actually, I can’t think of any other appetizer CPK offers, since I always order the dip, which comes with tortilla chips and not the flatbread wedges that come with the CPK Pizza & Appetizer kit.

3 thoughts to “NEWS: California Pizza Kitchen’s Pizza & Appetizer Lets Your Oven Pretend It’s A CPK Wood-Burning Oven”

  1. Their sesame ginger chicken dumplings are the most erratic chain-restaurant item I can think of. I have had dumplings at CPK that tasted like a great dim sum restaurant’s; I have had them when they have been gummy, flavorless, water-soaked dumplings that I refused to eat.

  2. I miss CPK so much. I always got their version of bruschetta for an app.

    I’m assuming that you just microwave the spinach dip, but do you heat up the pita wedges with the pizza? Spinach dip before pizza sounds passable…spinach dip with pizza just sounds odd.

  3. Justin, the dumplings are absolute masterpieces in my former home of Atlanta. In Dallas, they taste like what I think a dirty flip flop would. I feel your pain.

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