NEWS: Get Ready To Open Your Maw Wide For The New Triple Double Oreo

Update: Click here for our Triple Double Oreo review

According to this Reddit post and this tweet, Triple Double Oreos will soon be available for your molars to crush. Looking at the pictures posted, it appears the cookie combines a regular Double Stuf Oreo with a Double Stuf Chocolate Creme Oreo. I wonder if there are other Triple Double flavors because a Double Stuf Mini Creme Oreo fused with a Double Stuff Chocolate Creme Oreo sounds divine.

Correction: The creme filling is from regular Oreos and not Double Stuf Oreos.

A regular package of Double Stuf Oreos weighs in at 18 ounces, while the Triple Double Oreos weigh 13.1 ounces. Wow. Not having those extra chocolate cookies make a difference.

Of course, the Triple Double Oreos will help those of us who aren’t sure what to do with the extra cookie when twisting it off, setting it aside, and then stacking the other half on top of another Oreo to make a Big Mac Oreo cookie. I freeze the extra cookies in hopes that one day Nabisco will sell just the creme without the cookies.

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  1. Look’s like my incognito Walgreens lunch trip will be carrying big game now…

  2. We should form a partnership. I’m always waiting for them to sell the cookies without the cream!

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