NEWS: Farts To Be Released At 2011 Sweets & Snacks Expo

Every year, the National Confectioners Association holds their Sweets & Snacks Expo in Chicago at the McCormick Place convention center. This year, the event will run from May 24th to the 26th. has been giving sneak peeks at some of the candies that will be introduced at the event. However, there’s one particular candy being emitted that I’m pretty sure will get a lot of attention — Farts Candy from Leaf Brands.

According to a post on, Farts Candy “are tiny, fruit-flavored nuggets” and “a better version of Nerds.” However, Farts won’t be a crunchy candy, it will have a chewy exterior. The post goes on to say that there will be 126 Farts flavors, but Leaf Brands plans to hold back some of their Farts and let the public vote via social media on which Farts they should release next.

Leaf Brands will be passing these gastronomical treats in 2.17-ounce packs and they will be available in four varieties: Fruiti, Sour, Single Flavors, and Small Farts.

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