NEWS: Burger King Says Goodbye To The King And Hello To Testing New Menu Items

Burger King

Did Burger King’s The King freak you out and appear in your dreams robeless to give me…I mean, you a massage, using his beard to spread massage oil on your back, chest, and your inner thighs?

Well, you no longer have to worry about The King sneaking up on, waking up next to or massaging you anymore, because The King has been overthrown by Burger King’s new owners and advertising agency. Along with the King-less advertising, Burger King is also testing a slew of new menu items in markets across the country.

The test items include an Asian chicken salad with baby edamame, red cabbage, and a sesame lime vinaigrette; mango and mixed berry smoothies; low-fat yogurt berry parfait with granola; oatmeal with dried fruit and maple sugar, vanilla soft-serve ice cream sundaes; a chicken and apple salad with blue cheese; a chicken BLT wrap with bacon and Dijion mustard; and a new premium burger with thick-cut bacon, romaine lettuce, and a spicy pepper grill sauce in between a brioche bun.

If you’re a connoisseur of fast food, you probably noticed that many of those items are currently available on McDonald’s menu. So copycat, copycat, hope you choke on a rat, Burger King. Although Burger King did come out with Angus beef burgers before McDonald’s. So copycat, copycat, hope you choke on a rat, McDonald’s.

Anyhoo, it’s important to note again that all of those items are just being tested and some of them may not make it as a regular item on every Burger King menu board.

Source: Miami Herald and Burger Business

6 thoughts to “NEWS: Burger King Says Goodbye To The King And Hello To Testing New Menu Items”

  1. Sounds like they’re flailing a bit. Death throes?

    Good riddance to the giant plastic head though – I’ve sprained myself lunging for the remote to change the channel when those commercials come on.

  2. They need to get different fries, the fries they have now are disgusting. They taste like someone wax coated a potato.

  3. I never go to Burger King anymore I go to Jack in the Box. Just more convenient for me.

  4. Ive only ever had a burger king..once i my whole life and that was when i was in an airport starving at the lack of anything to eat, like the sound of the asian chicken salad though, hope they trial a few of those things over here in the UK.

  5. Silly Burger King. Gourmet gimmicks won’t work either. Keep It Simple Stupid is what works. People don’t go to In N Out, Five Guys, etc because of silly mass commercials and bread called “brioche”. People go because of the quality and price equating to a great buy. Bunch of over educated nitwits think edamame in a prepackaged salad will draw the crowds. If you’re going to be a copycat, at least copy a turnaround corporation like Dominos. They admitted to selling an inferior product and actually listened to the customer. Keep your “pepper grill sauce” I’m not buying, BK.

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