NEWS: Get Ready To Show Fake Enthusiasm When Color Changing Jello Blows Your Kid’s Mind

When I was a kid, it was awesome whenever I flicked a Bic disposable lighter and got a flame to appear. I would wave a finger multiple times through the orange flame to feel the warmth and pain it provided. When I got bored with that, I’d light newspapers in a Weber grill, waving my hand multiple times through the flames. When I tired of that, I’d set fire to a cardboard box and dance around it as if it were an offering to the Chinese god of fire, Zhu Rong. Today, however, those simple actions no longer excite me.

I bring up my past pyromania because Jell-O’s new Mixchief line of color changing pudding and gelatin may seem cool to children now, but in the future they’ll look back and realize how lame it was, much like how I think pouring lighter fluid on a newspaper fire is lame now. The line comes in two varieties Jell-O Mixchief Color Changing Vanilla Pudding and Jell-O Mixchief Color Changing Grape Gelatin.

The color changing happens while stirring the powdered mixes with the instructed liquid. The vanilla pudding turns green and the grape gelatin turns red. How boring is that? Wouldn’t it have been better if the two changed colors while stored in the refrigerator to set? It goes in one color and it comes out a different color. The way it is now, it’s as impressive as watching the water turn blue after dropping a 2000 Flushes in your toilet’s tank and then flushing.

Along with the color changing desserts, Jello-O also released Mixchief Make Your Own…Add Soda Gelatin, which is just unflavored gelatin that calls for 12 ounces of your desired soda instead of water. Yup, you can make Pepsi or Coke flavored gelatin. Or if you can get your hands on the Limited Edition Mountain Dew Pitch Black, you can make Jell-O that tastes like that.

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  1. I think they did this back in the 1970’s. I recall my mom trying to get us interested in watching it. All we wanted was the whipped cream she was eventually going to serve with it.

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