NEWS: McDonald’s Testing English Pub Burger, But Pickled Eggs Not Included


McDonald’s is testing another variation of their Angus Third Pounder and they’re calling it the English Pub Burger.

I was surprised by this burger because I didn’t know English pubs were known for their burgers. I thought they were known for fish and chips, bangers and mash, shepherd’s pies, pickled eggs, and ploughman’s lunches.

The English Pub Burger is made up of a 1/3 pound Angus beef patty, hickory-smoked bacon, white Cheddar cheese, American cheese, grilled onions, steak sauce, and Dijon mustard in between an artisan roll. Grub Grade reader James from Illinois tried the burger and was impressed.

Right now, they appear to only be available at select locations in Illinois and there’s no word about a Snack Wrap version. I hope it makes it to all McDonald’s restaurants because it sounds damn tasty. However, you know what would go great with a McDonald’s English Pub Burger? A McDonald’s Shamrock Guinness Milkshake. I hope they start testing that soon.

Sources: Burger Business and Grub Grade

18 thoughts to “NEWS: McDonald’s Testing English Pub Burger, But Pickled Eggs Not Included”

    1. Yep, a bacon cheeseburger. I don’t see what is very “English about it.

      Anyway, all McD’s does is rearrange their existing ingredients, like Taco Bell.

  1. Pickled eggs are a tradition with fish and chip shops, not burgers and sadly they are not found in English pubs either – mores the pity – they rock!

      1. We DO get pizza in some pubs! You should come to England… we have chippies with pickled eggs, rain, pizza in pubs, no summer of note, Big Ben and Crispy M&M’s!!!

  2. While its certainly great for the consumers, people don’t realize how much of a pain a new item added to the menu really is. I’m a student who works at McDonald’s to make ends meet. This burger sounds like a nightmare to be honest, and I hope it doesn’t go nationwide. The Angus burgers are the biggest pains to make as it is, as they are the most complicated and take the longest to make, so another one is just overkill.

    This new version means a lot of switching around and new product. First off, we need to stock up on new buns (as if we didn’t have enough already with regular, quarter, big mac, angus, premium chicken sandwich, tortilla [I know, not a “bun” per se but it is still in the bun rack]). Now the new artisan bun? Ugh. Then we need to make room for the dijon and steak sauces. Great, cause ketchup, mustard, mayo, mac sauce, tartar, ranch, honey mustard, bbq, southwest sauce, and asian ginger sauce wasn’t enough! White cheddar? Yeah, we’d need a place for that too since it isn’t a regular item. Grilled onions? Shoot me. This means we need a whole new type of onion to stock (on top of the dehydrated, slivered, and red varieties) and that we need to change the grill around to accommodate the grilling of said onions.

    So yeah, not looking forward to this burger becoming a nationwide thing. McDonald’s isn’t a tough job, not at all, so my complaining may seem like a moot point to you all, but you now have an idea of how annoying one single new item can be for your local McD’s crew. Think about that next time you order something and try and make our lives a bit easier. Thanks.

    Oh, and no thanks on the burger itself. I think the Angus meat is nasty as all get-out.

    1. I teach someone who works at McDonald’s corporate headquarters in Japan and he told me exactly the same thing about a month ago. New items are a huge pain for everyone involved from marketing to supply to logistics to preparation. What’s worse for them is that these items rarely are worth the effort in terms of overall sales (though they probably bring in people who sample new stuff once then come back and buy other things later).

    2. Dude, sometimes work sucks. That’s just how it goes. Lord knows I’ve been annoyed by having to learn, say, an entirely different insurance product with an entirely different portfolio that, by the way, is launching in two weeks. Jobs change.

      I’ve had the burger in Algonquin twice. It’s absolutely delicious. I’d rather they get rid of the stupid wraps, or the premium chicken mistakes, or even the rest of the Angus burgers, and just keep the English Pub Burger. I don’t normally like McDonalds burgers, but damn, this one is good.

      1. Oh trust me, I know. I work at McDonald’s for crying out loud, so yeah, work does suck sometimes. The problem I have, is that while the job may change by adding new menu items, nothing ever gets dropped. We just get more and more and more stuff added but no space to put it all! I’d be totally OK with getting a new Angus burger but dropping the other ones and even getting rid of the premium chicken sandwiches (whoever decided that having crispy chicken that takes 7+ minutes to cook at a fast food place is an idiot, BTW) and getting this burger. There just needs to be a compromise, cause if this one goes nationwide (doubtful), that will be five Angus burgers that McD’s offers. Way too many if you ask me.

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