NEWS: Snapple’s ‘Tea Will Be Loved’ Is Made From The Best Stuff Maroon 5 Picked

Next month, Snapple will be releasing a limited edition flavored tea called, Tea Will Be Loved, which was created with Grammy award-winning band Maroon 5. The beverage will benefit the hunger relief organization Feeding America, which helps to provide 1,750,000 meals to those in need.

The limited edition flavor is a blend of green and black teas with, according to its bottle, a “Maroon 5 Fruit Mash-Up.” What that means is each band member chose their own flavor to add to the tea. The five flavors are pomegranate, orange, blackberry, raspberry, and hibiscus. I’m guessing Adam Levine chose hibiscus. I’d guess what the other band members chose, but, to be honest, without looking at Wikipedia, I can’t name the other members of Maroon 5.

Tea Will Be Loved will also feature specially marked gold Snapple caps with Real Facts about the band and Feeding America. Although, I’m pretty sure if you read Maroon 5’s Wikipedia page, you’ll know more Real Facts than those bottle caps.

Snapple’s Tea Will Be Loved will be available for a limited time at participating retailers nationwide starting on September 1, 2011.

3 thoughts to “NEWS: Snapple’s ‘Tea Will Be Loved’ Is Made From The Best Stuff Maroon 5 Picked”

  1. I’ve met Adam Levine. The concept seems interesting and for a worthy cause I can’t wait to try it.

  2. Tea Will Be Loved is LOVED by my 11 and 14 year old – and the PROBLEM is that Snapple, in its wisdom, has neglected to state ANYWHERE whether there is any caffeine content in the tea – which should be an FDA violation at this point given the fact that caffeine can potentially be very dangerous to certain people in certain health situations. For me though, I can’t even advise my kids about whether to drink it or not at night because I have NO information about whether or not it’s herbal tea, other caffeine free types of ‘teas’, green, black, a mixture or whatever. We have NO information and no means of finding it short of calling the company. That’s idiotic in 2011. Sorry Snapple. Get with the program. And no, I don’t think being upset about a product’s lack of ingredients labeling is being a douchebag – but do what you will with my comment. I am directing it to Snapple Corporate HQ anyway on their Web site. But I think people should be aware of this omission – which could easily have been quite intentional.

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