NEWS: McDonald’s Offering Sweet Autumn Shake At Limited Locations

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Update: Click here to read our McDonald’s Sweet Autumn Shake review

Yesterday, Impulsive Buy reader Lisa told us on our Facebook page about McDonald’s new Sweet Autumn Shake. It’s features cinnamon and nutmeg mixed in McDonald’s reduced fat ice cream and topped with whipped cream and a cherry.

After doing a little searching on Google, it appears to be a regional (or test) item, available at select McDonald’s locations in the Midwest and East Coast. It’s been available at some of those locations since the beginning of the month.

I do have my doubts that it will be rolled out nationwide because the McDonald’s restaurants here on this rock in the middle of the Pacific Ocean have just begun offering the limited time only Arctic Orange Shake.

But I’m not sure I want to try the McDonald’s Sweet Autumn Shake, because Lisa said of it, “Nastiest thing I’ve had in a while.” However, here’s a positive review, so it might not be as bad.

If you’ve had the McDonald’s Sweet Autumn Shake, let us know what you think about it in the comments below.

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18 thoughts to “NEWS: McDonald’s Offering Sweet Autumn Shake At Limited Locations”

  1. Haven’t tried it as of yet, but it’s been at a Mc D’s in East San Jose, CA for about 2 weeks.
    Looks nasty

  2. McDonald’s misses the mark over and over… Why can’t we get a simple MALTED ice cream drink after 50+ years? Sweet Autumn Shake? WTF?

  3. Had it in South San Francisco while visiting my cousin. When I asked, “Sweet autumn?” the drive-thru clerk said, “pumpkin”. They get the spice note right, but it’s very raw-squash rather than pumpkin pie. I love all things pumpkin, but I won’t be having this again.

  4. Had this on Labor Day at a McDonald’s in Richmond, MI. The clerk said it was pumpkin when I asked. I was at a parade and it was very hot so it tasted good but not great, and I also love all things pumpkin like Elizabeth. It was not available at 2 other McDonald’s I checked at near home which is only about 20 miles away, which seems strange to me.

  5. Some of these new items seem off-the wall. I have no interest after trying the “Strawberry Lemonade”. Ugh! …and what’s up with adding bacon to a McDouble for 79 cents more, if they can’t be bothered to add a spoonful of bar-b-que sauce with it?… Culver’s, here I come!

    1. I agree the strawberry lemonade was just a cup of sugar with no real flavor. it was terrible!

  6. I saw this on the menu at some McDonald’s restaurants while driving through Missouri last month… didn’t try it, although it sounded good. The main problem was that no one at any of the McDonald’s could tell me what was actually in a “Sweet Autumn” shake! The most anyone could come up with was “it’s sort of like pumpkin pie…” and “it has fall spices like cinnamon”. So I was left rather confused about what this shake flavor actually is. Is it like a pumpkin pie shake? Or does it just have pumpkin pie *spices*, with no actual pumpkin flavor?

    Where I live, we have the Arctic Orange shake for the fall season instead of the Sweet Autumn shake, so I guess I’ll never know. (And as for how “Arctic Orange” fits in with the autumn season, I’m a bit mystified there as well.)

    1. If you like pumpkin you would have enjoyed this shake.
      It was fabulous and a break from other flavors that have been
      played out. I wish McDonalds kept them.!

  7. During this evening’s visit to McDonald’s I noticed a sign offering sample sips of McD’s shakes, so I asked for a taste of the Sweet Autumn shake. Apparently no one else has ever asked for a sample as I received a couple of puzzled looks and then, a lovely little “mini-shake” complete with whipped cream and cherry to the slight consternation of the assistant manager. (Hope I didn’t get the poor counter guy in trouble- he was so eager to please). It was a bit mysterious flavor-wise but I did enjoy the cinnamon/spice flavor. Perhaps just a small taste is the way to go…hmmm…

  8. Went to McDonald’s today in South Charleston, WV. Saw the Sweet Autumn Shake and asked what was in it. The Manager gave me a taste of it and I fell in love with it! Bought the large! I loved it! Sort of reminds me of Pumpkin Pie with ice cream. Excellent product and great Manager! Thanks for making such a great product!

  9. Just tried this amazing flavor today on vacation in St. Petersburg Florida. It was so delicious. Definitely different – as one commenter said – a mix of pumpkin and eggnog. A little too sweet, but really unique. I brought it home for my husband and daughter and they agreed – too bad we can’t get it at home.

  10. Some nice girl at a McDonald’s gave my dad one and he loved it. He came home and toldme and my mom he wanted to take us to get one. The next day they were gone and no local McDonald’s had them. None of the employees could explain why they disappeared. Did someone get sick? Was something wrong with them? It is not even Halloween yet and they have become history in a matter of one day.

    1. Hey! I have been searching for 2 years for the pumpkin milkshake at McDonald’s where did your dad get one?! It may seem a little obsessive but it is absolutely worth it, they are incredible!

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