NEWS: Cinnamon M&M’s May Brighten Your Holidays and Help You Forget About Crispy M&M’s


Update: Click here to read our Cinnamon M&M’s review

If you love cinnamon and M&M’s, get ready to have your tongue’s mind blown because Mars just released Cinnamon M&M’s, according to this tweet from online grocer ShopFoodEx:

Perhaps the coolest new item in ages is now available…Cinnamon M&M’s. They are a seasonal item and we only have 1 case in stock.

Yup, Cinnamon M&M’s are hitting shelves now.

Sure, it’s not Crispy M&M’s, but it’s a nice holiday surprise and if they end up being really good, I may forget about Crispy M&M’s.

If you tried Cinnamon M&M’s, let us know what you think about them in the comments below.

Source: ShopFoodEx Twitter

10 thoughts to “NEWS: Cinnamon M&M’s May Brighten Your Holidays and Help You Forget About Crispy M&M’s”

  1. That sounds just… bizarre. I wonder if they are a white chocolate based like the Candy Corn ones. I never even saw the candy corn ones but I wouldn’t have bought them anyway. I might consider trying these though.

  2. My review is on my new snack website. But briefly, the M&Ms were good, but the flavor seemed to fade the more I ate them, and rather quickly. Good, yet unremarkable. B-

  3. these sound good but nothing will make me forget about crispy m+m’s. nothing. those turquoise pretzel bags are such a tease every time. and those are good even! but they’re not crispy.

  4. As someone who always puts heaps of saigon cinnamon in my chocolate, I had to have these when I spotted them at Target! I must have reread the label three times to make sure I was reading it correctly! First of all, they’re delicious 🙂 They are milk chocolate based, and each pack has multiple sizes–the bigger ones have a lovely, light cinnamon aftertaste, and some of the little ones are regular chocolate. They were obviously a little hesitant to make them very cinnamon-y. My husband is a straight chocolate kind of guy and he enjoyed them, so I don’t think you need to be a cinnamon lover like me to enjoy them. Personally, I actually like these better than regular milk chocolate m&m’s 🙂

  5. I found these last year at Target and used them in a recipe I make; they made an already great dessert AWESOME! I went to Target today; they do not have them and said they don’t anticipate getting them in. I saw them on Amazon but they are over $11.00 for a 9 oz. bag. That is ludicrous! I refuse to pay that. Does anyone know where I can buy these?

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