NEWS: Burger King Revamps Their Fries…Again; I Hope Their Onion Rings Are Next

Burger King

Update: Click here to read our new Burger King fries review

I’ll be honest. I don’t love Burger King fries. I don’t really care for the coating around them and I don’t think they’re salty enough. I pretty much consider them the starch that allows me to take breaks in between bites of a Whopper. However, maybe I won’t feel that way when I taste Burger King’s new and improved French fries.

Burger King last changed their fries in 1997, which is a long time when one compares it to Jack in the Box who have updated their fries twice since 2004. Of course, BK rival, McDonald’s has never revamped their fries. Unless you count those times when they started using a trans fat-free oil and stopped using beef fat to fry them.

BK says the new fries are larger, fluffier, and have better potato flavor than their old fries. Our pals over at Grub Grade gave the new fries a try.

While a few locations already have the new fries, they’ll be available in about 7,000 North American restaurants by December 5. The suggested price for Burger King’s new fries will remain the same as the previous version. The fries will have about 20 percent less sodium and will be cooked in trans fat-free vegetable oil.

If you’ve already tried the new fries, let us know what you think about them in the comments below.

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11 thoughts to “NEWS: Burger King Revamps Their Fries…Again; I Hope Their Onion Rings Are Next”

  1. I have always hated the BK fries, I always thought they tasted like plastic. When I heard they had new fries, I had to try them. I always love their burgers but because I hated their fries I usually just avoid BK like the plague. The new fries are like a cross between the previous BK fries and the old Wendy’s fries. They are much thicker than the previous BK fries but they still have the weird plastic (potato starch) coating on them. Because they are thicker you can actual taste potato now and they are a big improvement, but they still aren’t very good.

  2. I had them a few Days ago. i only wish BK had given me some fries to go with my salt! I don’t know if the BK people dropped an entire container of salt in the fries or what. The new fries were too salty.

  3. Better than their old fries but still not great, they get cold too fast also. Wendy’s current fries & (especially) their old fries are WAY better. Even McD’s fries are better. So are JitB.

    Okay, so basically BK still has the worse fries.

    Have you reviewed BK’s new “premium beef” burger? Yes it cost $5 just for the burger but it’s probably the best fastfood burger I’ve ever had, even better than anybody else’s “Angus” burgers.

  4. Believe it or not, I’ve found Burger King in Korea is much better than in the US! I was quite amazed by it.. the portions are smaller, and it’s more expensive, but in my opinion, worth it for the quality.

    Yes… so I’ll eat BK in Korea, but not in the US. I’ll bet even with the revamped US fries, they’re not better than the ones in Korea.

  5. The old BK fries were god awful, but the new ones are okay. I never bothered ordering the old ones, but I ate most of the order of new ones.

  6. BK’s new fries are a vast improvement. The new fries are now the best fast-food fry out there. Nobody else even comes close. Great job BK! You knocked it out of the park with this one.

  7. Try the onion rings. They had to change them. I have been back three nights in a row for the onion rings. Now the onion rings are crunchy and has an onion taste. Taste way better then the fries. I hate the new fries.

  8. I remember the last time burger king changed their fries only because I had hated them before and when they changed them in 1997 I was pleasantly surprised! I had no idea about the new change until today when I stopped at my local Bk lounge for dinner, I went through the drive thru and on my way home I couldn’t help but reach in the bag to grab a fry- I knew right away something was different because the fry felt huge in my hand. Luckily when I ate it I realized it still had the same great taste as before (even though they’re not exactly the same they’re very similar) I give the king’s new french fries two thumbs up!

  9. like someone here said, their old fries were my favorite, but these new fries the only positive thing is the fact that they’re 20% lower in sodium. but they’re too fluffy so they soak up more oil, with a small order of fries you feel like you’ve ate a large in my opinion.

  10. I spent my childhood loving McDonald’s fries till they changed. Then I found that BK had much better fries. Today I tried the new fries and I really don’t like them. Thicker and hotter….really? How does that equate with better?

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