NEWS: Wrigley’s 5 RPM Gum…Yep, More Wrigley’s 5 Gum Flavors Coming Out of Wrigley’s Birth Canal


A wise white man with lines in his head was once asked, “Will it ever stop?” The wise white man replied, “Yo, I don’t know.” And that is the same answer Wrigley would probably give if they were asked when their Wrigley’s 5 line would come to an end. It’s not stopping this year, because they recently released their new Wrigley’s 5 RPM gum.

What does RPM stand for? If you don’t own a record player or don’t look at the tachometer in your car’s dashboard, it’s revolutions per minute. But since Wrigley’s 5 is supposed to be the “cool” gum, the marketing folks at Wrigley probably gave a different cool meaning for RPM, like Really Punk MMMMM.

Just like with Wrigley’s 5 React offshoot, Wrigley’s 5 RPM comes in two flavors: fruit and mint. Actually, to be more accurate, it’s “an energizing fruit flavor” and “a relaxing mint flavor.”

Wrigley’s 5 RPM gum is appearing in stores now and just like all 5 gum flavors they’ll come in stylish black packs with 15 sticks per pack.

33 thoughts to “NEWS: Wrigley’s 5 RPM Gum…Yep, More Wrigley’s 5 Gum Flavors Coming Out of Wrigley’s Birth Canal”

  1. I bought a pack before work this morning. It kinda has a pina colada taste to it, but fruitier. Not bad, not bad.

  2. Thank you!! I was trying to figure out what this taste reminded me of all morning! It’s Red Bull flavor. I never would have thought this would make a good gum flavor but it’s not too bad.

  3. I bought a pack of 5 Gum RPM today, and felt amped after chewing on a stick for awhile. Looking back at the ingredients list on the wrapper, here’s why: It has a ton of phenylaline in it. People with phenylketonoria, beware.

  4. I bought RPM because the orange colors on the front, I couldn’t figure out the name. I was at a market that only stocked 5 different Wrigley’s gum. It’s gross, tastes just like Red Bull. My daughters wanted pieces as well. I was shocked when they didn’t spit it out. If I gave them a medicine that tasted like RPM it would be a showdown to make them take it.

  5. I don’t know but, “wrigley’s birth canal” doesn’t make me want to chew anything! Ha!

  6. Why did you change the flavor of your Spearmint Gum? I used to love it, but now it tastes too much like Doubelmint & Peppermint, which I never did like. So sad when a company ruins their products by changing them. 🙁

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