NEWS: Subway Testing Spicy Wasabi and Creamy Gorgonzola Sauces

Happy Wasabi

Whenever you go to Subway, you have a plethora of sauces you can add to your sandwich. I likey the honey mustard or good ol’ light mayonnaise and mustard. But in Minnesota, Subway is now offering a couple more sauces to choose from — gorgonzola and wasabi sauces.

Yup, wasabi, the spicy green paste that comes with your sushi.

The television advertisement below promotes the Subway sandwiches that use the sauces — the Wasabi Steak and Cheese and Gorgonzola Chicken and Bacon Melt.

No information about the two sauces are available on the Subway website. I’m not sure if they’re only available in Minnesota, but if you’ve seen them at your local Subway location, let us know in the comments below. Also, if you tried the Subway wasabi or gorgonzola sauce, let us know what you think of them.

Image via flickr user dmuth / CC BY SA 2.0

12 thoughts to “NEWS: Subway Testing Spicy Wasabi and Creamy Gorgonzola Sauces”

  1. I’m in Minnesota! I might have to venture out to try these. I love wasabi, but not so sure how the gorgonzola one would be.. My opinion of gorgonzola is not fully formed yet. 😛 I love cheese though so whatever. 😉

  2. I live in Iowa and just had the Wasabi steak and cheese today. very yummy. Looks like the wasabi is a sort of mayo/wasabi mixture. Not as potent as wasabi alone, but very good.

  3. I have had the Chicken Bacon Gorgonzola Melt twice and it is AWESOME! The sauce has the complex taste of the gorgonzola but with a creaminess that is really nice. I’m pretty sure it’s a mayonnaise-y mixture. Whatever it is, I LOVE it! I haven’t tried the Wasabi…I’m a wuss 🙂 I found your site looking for the nutrition info for the gorgonzola sauce.

  4. I have tried both. The wasabi is a bit mild, but that’s not surprising given MN’s need for less than spicy foods.

    The gorgonzola was nice, but doesn’t taste like real gorgonzola cheese. Would love to know the nutritional information if anybody has it at hand.

  5. I tried the gorgonzola chicken and bacon melt sandwich the other day. NEVER AGAIN!!! I thought it was absolutely awful!!

  6. I LOVE the wasabi sauce. I ordered it on a veggie delite today. I have a new favorite sandwich.

  7. I live in MN and have had the Gorganzola Chicken Bacon Melt twice. I LOVE IT! Just wish I could find the nutrition information! Makes it hard to count calories! haha

  8. Utah has the gorgonzola and it is amazing! I hope corporate keeps it on the menu.

  9. I was in Seattle two months ago and they had Gorgonzola there, but not the wasabi. The Gorganzola was really really good:)

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