NEWS: McDonald’s Oreo Cookies ‘N Creme Pie Sounds Like Something Worth Smuggling In From Canada


How come Canada gets first dibs on the new McDonald’s Oreo Cookies ‘N Creme Pie?

The Oreo cookie was invented in the United States in 1912, so shouldn’t the United States also have the opportunity to consume the baked pie with a chocolate Oreo crust and sweet white filling. They say those who smelt it, dealt it. So why is it that those who forged it, can’t gorge on it?

This review of the McDonald’s Cookies ‘N Creme Pie by our friends over at So Good Blog isn’t helping me quell my jealousy.

For now, to satisfy our Oreo-flavored fast food desires, I guess we Americans are just going to have to settle for either a McDonald’s Oreo McFlurry, Burger King Oreo Brownie Sundae, Dairy Queen Oreo Blizzard, Carl’s Jr. Oreo Cookie Ice Cream Sandwich, Jack in the Box Oreo Milkshake, Wendy’s Oreo Frosty Parfait, Baskin Robbins Oreo Cookies ‘n Cream ice cream cone, or a Sonic Double Stuff Oreo Sonic Blast.

Image via flickr user MPD01605 / CC BY SA 2.0

5 thoughts to “NEWS: McDonald’s Oreo Cookies ‘N Creme Pie Sounds Like Something Worth Smuggling In From Canada”

  1. DO WANT.

    First the S’mores pies, and now this… why does Canada get all of the awesome McDonald’s pies???

    I want to drive all the way across the border just to get my hands on some of these.

  2. Wow, the review made it sound amazing. It was not what I was expecting at all, instead it’s more like those Whataburger Apple Pie’s.

    I hope TIB stays on top of this story & will keep it’s readers informed on possible US locations that may pop up carrying them.

  3. Hey, thanks for linking my review on Impulsive Buy Marvo. These pies are truly one of the most addictive items on their value menu up here in the Great White North. My local Mickey D’s is currently out of stock. Which leads me to believe I live in a town where a lot of weed is grown or one person has a serious hoarding issue.

  4. I remember Burger King having an Oreo pie a few years ago (triangular box, cookie crust, creamy filling). Is that long-gone?

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