NEWS: The BLT in Jack in the Box’s New BLT Cheeseburger Could Mean Boring, Lame, and Tiresome

Jack in the Box BLT Cheeseburger Sign

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I’m greatly disappointed Jack in the Box’s new BLT Cheeseburger doesn’t consist of a beef patty and cheese placed in between two BLT sandwiches.

That would get me excited and nutrition groups upset about this new burger. Instead, it’s just a burger that uses Jack in the Box’s improved 100 percent beef patty and is topped with hickory-smoked bacon, shredded lettuce, tomatoes, American cheese, pickles, and a mayo-onion sauce, all of which is in between a sesame seed bun.


So if I were to take away the ketchup and onions in a Jack in the Box Jumbo Jack with Cheese and replace it with bacon, I’d have a BLT Cheeseburger.


Well, the Super Bowl commercial that’s promoting this BLT Cheeseburger better be more creative that the burger itself.

The Jack in the Box BLT Cheeseburger will be available for a limited time starting today and comes in a combo meal that also includes a 20-ounce drink and small fries for $4.99.