NEWS: Bigger and Thicker Doritos Jacked Chips To Debut This Month

Doritos Jacked on shelf

Update: Click here to read our Doritos JACKED review

Thank goodness the folks at Frito-Lay didn’t call their upcoming Doritos Jacked variety, Doritos Xtreme, because that would’ve been cliche. It would’ve been as cliche as me saying their new Doritos Jacked, which are 40 percent bigger in size and thickness than regular Doritos, are like regular Doritos on steroids.

The new thick variety of the triangular chips will come in two flavors: Enchilada Supreme and Smoky Chipotle BBQ.

Doritos Jacked will make their debut this week at the South by Southwest (SXSW) Conference in Austin, Texas, and will be available nationwide the week of March 26. The hefty chips will be available in three sizes: a 2.62 oz. bag for a suggested retail price of $1.09; a 3.375 oz. bag for a suggested retail price of $1.49 and a 10.5 oz. for a suggested retail price of $4.29.

8 thoughts to “NEWS: Bigger and Thicker Doritos Jacked Chips To Debut This Month”

  1. Anyone tried new Doritos Dinamita? I saw them at Walmart the other day. They come in Chile Lime and Spicy Nacho varieties. They are shaped like a stick of dynamite.

  2. Well, they already did the Doritos Extreme with an E already. They were extra thick. Don’t know about extra big. I guess they’ll only be exciting for the new flavor.

    As far as the Doritos Dinamita, I wanna try, but I need a smaller bag… I remember those rolled Doritos from several years back and the memories are not pleasant.

  3. The stockboys put them out a little too early around here. I can confirm that the enchilada flavor is everything a chip on roids should be. Aggressively peppery behind the cheese with an enjoyably sweet tang of tomato and citrus at the very end. Great overall crisp without threatening your teeth like some kettle chips I’ve encountered.

    Also, several shoppers got to watch a large very-bearded man do a double take and little skippy jump routine in response to discovering them.

      1. Self is bigger beard, lesser dude. Need to add him to my RSS, so thanks 🙂

        Two more doritos and I’m done, this is the chip that is fit for a meal. 5 and your taste buds are burnt thanks to the citric acid, anything after is idiot-brain chip reaction.

  4. and… to spare bad photos (tried taking a few, mind you), each mega-huge chip is around an inch taller than your typical one dollar bill.

  5. Tried the Enchilada ( haven’t eaten junk food in years, but I’ll try Doritos cuz I grew up with it)…the chips ARE bigger, but they need to be twice as thick before they start crowing about thickness. They seemed the usual thickness. Enchilada tasted like Fritos Chili Cheese. Yummy. Also, gave me gas.

  6. The chipotle chips are so amazing good!!!! I just want swim in a bath ful of it and eat them all lol jk

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