NEWS: Did You Know There’s Limited Edition Mayonnaise?

Hellman's mayonnaise

I remember when limited edition products were limited to just candy, soda, Pringles, and breakfast cereal. Now, there isn’t a limit to what kinds of products can be slapped with the limited edition label. There’s limited edition disinfectant wipes, limited edition ketchup, and limited edition mayonnaise.

Hellmann’s Mayonnaise is teaming up with Frank’s RedHot to create the Limited Edition Hellmann’s Spicy Buffalo with Frank’s RedHot Mayonnaise. To my surprise, this isn’t the first limited edition mayo from Hellmann’s. Last year, they introduced their Limited Edition Mediterranean Roasted Garlic & Herb Mayonnaise.

I don’t know about you, but I can imagine the possibilities with this spicy Buffalo-flavored mayo: turkey sandwiches that taste like Buffalo wings, potato salad that tastes like Buffalo wings, egg salad that tastes like Buffalo wings, and hair conditioner that tastes like Buffalo wings.

The Limited Edition Hellmann’s Spicy Buffalo with Frank’s RedHot Mayonnaise will come in reduced fat and full fat versions, and is only available in 9-ounce squeeze bottles.

Source: Unilever Website

Image via flickr user jamesks / CC BY SA 2.0

4 thoughts to “NEWS: Did You Know There’s Limited Edition Mayonnaise?”

  1. To me, “limited edition” always means “test marketing”. If they sell well enough, they become new regular varieties.

    This actually sounds pretty good, though I can’t consume too much mayo and my husband isn’t a fan of spicy things.

  2. You know how people collect stuff like Star Wars figures or G.I. Joes? I wonder if there are people who collect all these limited edition food items. I could see them getting together at some VFW hall to trade limited edition Hot Pockets for limited edition Doritos, etc….

    1. It’s funny you should ask that, because I actually know a kid who collects limited edition (and discontinued) foodstuffs. It’s unbelievable when you walk into his house and see Limited Edition Oreos from like 10 years ago.

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