NEWS: Jack in the Box Locations in Hawaii Now Offer The SPAM Croissant Sandwich.

IMG_1254We here in Hawaii love our SPAM.

Sure, Guam is the world’s leading per capita consumer of SPAM, but I think we in Hawaii love it more.

How much do we love our SPAM? Well, we have an annual event in Waikiki that attracts thousands of people, and I don’t think there’s anyplace else in the world where McDonald’s, Burger King, and Jack in the Box offer menu items with SPAM in them.

Jack in the Box restaurants in Hawaii have been offering SPAM breakfast platters for a while, but they’ve added to their breakfast menu, for a limited time, the new SPAM Croissant Sandwich, which is made up of an egg patty and two slices of SPAM in between a croissant.

I assume the Jack in the Box SPAM Croissant Sandwich is only available in Hawaii, but if your local Jack in the Box offers it, please let us know in the comments below. Also, if your local McDonald’s, Burger King, or other fast food chain offers regional menu items, let us know in the comments. Finally, if the idea of a SPAM sandwich grosses you out, let us know in the comments with an “Ewww.”

5 thoughts to “NEWS: Jack in the Box Locations in Hawaii Now Offer The SPAM Croissant Sandwich.”

  1. The Green Chili burger from Whataburger is EPIC. We had it here in San Antonio as a LTO and when the All-Time Favorites came out, I was disappoint to see that it wasn’t part of it but out west it is on the menu.

    I ate it right before it went away and I tried it with bacon and double green chilis and…..breathtaking. I think it’d be even better without adding bacon to it, but I’ll never know. </3

  2. love spam however the salt content makes my head look like im a watermelon with a hair peice.

  3. Ewwww.

    You guys are right, I used to live in Alamogordo and what I wouldn’t give for a green chile cheeseburger from McDonalds!!! (I’ve relocated to Indianapolis).

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