NEWS: Japan-Only Pepsi Black Is Not Inspired By Men in Black 3


Next month, Suntory, Japan’s only bottler, distributor, and licensee for Pepsi, will release the limited edition Pepsi Black. The dark colored soda will have 50 percent less sugar than regular Pepsi and a lemon flavor. It follows the bright colored Pepsi Pink, which was released in Japan last fall, and Pepsi Dry, which was released last summer.

Here’s the Google Translated press release, because the translations are sometimes funny.

Suntory International Food Co., Ltd., as a new lineup of PEPSI, will launch new nationwide from Tuesday, June 19, Coke “Pepsi Black” not sweet for adults.

The Company launched the “Pepsi dry” in May last year, has created a new genre in cola drinks market “not sweet” that Coke.

This time, it is intended to release new Coke “Pepsi Black” for adults in addition to the value “not sweet”, and reinforced a sense of satisfaction when drinking.

Awaiting, we have enhanced the aftertaste with suppressed sweetness is to receive 50% off the sugar compared to the “Pepsi Cola”, streamlined and made ​​with a sense of satisfaction when drinking by adding the scent of lemon fresh new . The package adopted for the first time the PEPSI logo black and white design was finished in classy black-toned.

In addition, we clearly express that be called “black” product name “not sweet” taste.

It should be noted, such as turning on the TV-CM from actively when released, will continue to appeal strongly the charm of the “Pepsi Black”.

Pepsi Black will be released in Japan on Tuesday, June 19th and will come in 490 ml bottles that retail for 140 yen. If you’re not in Japan, which 99 percent of you aren’t, you’ll probably be able to pick some up via eBay, J-List, or Napa Japan.

Source: Rocket News

Image via flickr user isado / CC BY ND 2.0