NEWS: Apple Cinnamon Chex Cereal To Squeeze Itself Into Cereal Aisles Next Month

Apple Cinnamon Chex on shelf

Do you stand in the cereal aisle and think to yourself, “Damn. Cereal be multiplying like rabbits.”

You don’t?

Well, I do. And soon there will be more cereals to choose from. Next month, the Big G will be releasing Apple Cinnamon Chex Cereal and Fiber One Nutty Clusters & Almonds. Impulsive Buy contributor Adam learned about the upcoming cereals from the back of a Honey Nut Cheerios box.

The Apple Cinnamon Chex Cereal consists of sweetened whole grain rice cereal sprinkled with real apple and cinnamon. It’s made using no artificial flavors or colors and is gluten free. The cereal will be the fourth flavored Chex cereal variety, joining Honey Nut, Chocolate, and Cinnamon. As for the Fiber One Nutty Clusters & Almonds, it’s made up of lightly sweetened whole grain flakes with sliced almonds and almond clusters.