NEWS: Pizza Hut’s P’Zolo Has a P’zzling Name

Pizza Hut, Fernandina Beach, FL (Amelia Island)

Update: Click here to read our Pizza Hut P’Zolo review.

I understand Pizza Hut’s P’Zone is just a calzone with a p’culiar name. But I don’t know what Italian dish name Pizza Hut has butchered with their new P’Zolo. Of course, my expertise with Italian food doesn’t go beyond the Bucca di Beppo and Macaroni Grill menus, so I’m probably missing something.

The new Pizza Hut P’Zolo comes in three varieties: Meat Trio, Buffalo Chicken, and Italian Steak.

The Meat Trio is filled with Italian sausage, pepperoni, and ham, and is topped Asiago cheese; the Buffalo Chicken P’Zolo is stuffed with grilled chicken breast strips covered with a spicy buffalo sauce and topped with Asiago cheese; and the Italian Steak is made up of marinated steak, roasted peppers, onions and mushrooms with Asiago cheese.

Each P’Zolo comes with either ranch or marinara dipping sauce. Although you could pour it over the P’Zolo or into the P’Zolo every time you take a bite, like I do with Taco Bell burritos.

They’re available at an introductory price of three dollars each or two for five dollars.

If you’ve tried the Pizza Hut P’Zolo, let us know what you think of them in the comments below.

Image via flickr user Tadson / CC BY ND 2.0

15 thoughts to “NEWS: Pizza Hut’s P’Zolo Has a P’zzling Name”

  1. What a P’Zawful name. It reminds me of ‘solo’ and makes me sad for the poor, unloved individual ordering it.

  2. Pizzolo. In sicility it’s like a stuffed flatbread pizza thing. Doesn’t have much to do with subs so I’m guessing a marketing guy just heard the word and that it had something to do with pizzalike products and started with a P, and ran with it.

  3. I picked up 4 p’zolos tonight: 2 buffalo chickens and 2 Italian steak. My first thought was a wish: I wished I knew which store sold those p’zolos advertised in promo picture.

    My Pizza Hut disappointments measured about 6 to 7 inches in length, 1 and 1/2 to 2 inches wide, and 1/2 inch deep. Not bad except they were mostly bread and cheese.

    The ‘buffalo’ chicken p’zolos had about 8 small cubes of plain chicken. With the absence of any spice, I don’t know what was ‘buffalo’ about this cheese stick of an appetizer – unless it’s Pizza Hut thinking, “How can we buffalo our customers out of more of their money?”

    The good news is that the green pepper filler in my Italian steak was thicker than the bread. The bad news is that the bread was thicker than the layer of meat spread sparing throughout this bread roll.

    All in all, $5 for 2 is not ‘zolo of a price. I would put these new offerings from Pizza Hut is at the tasty, almost-overpriced edge of food-for-value scale.

    Oh, you do get your choice of marinara OR ranch. Note the “OR”. When I asked for both, the woman behind the counter looked at me as if I had just asked for McDonald’s fries.

    Anyway, I hope this little comment helps!

  4. I tried a buffalo chicken one last night and split it with the husband. It was just OK- the chicken seemed less than par and the buffalo sauce didn’t stick to anything very well. The cheese however, was FANTASTIC.

    Isn’t p’zolo like pizza stromboli? The name kind of makes sense, but it would make more sense if it was “p’zoli”.

    1. Oh- and I def think $3 is a reasonable price for what you’re getting. Especially once we find out the caloric content of one of those things. It didn’t seem small to me at all for $3.

  5. I picked up a pair of buffalo chicken ones the other day. I figured they’d use the same sauce as the buffalo chicken pizza, but it was different. It looked gritty with a dark red color.

    I actually really like the hot sauce on their buffalo chicken pizza, so I was disappointed with the sauce.

    My p’zolo had a decent amount of meat in it but the cheese seemed nonexistant, which has me wondering do they hand-make these things at the store or do they shipped frozen and premade? I’ve seen other reviews that mention tons of cheese or no chicken, or even virtually nothing but bread.

    Drenched in some Franks Xtra Hot sauce, it wasn’t a bad eat. I’m giving them another shot tonight just to be sure.

    1. It’s actually not a hot sauce they put in the buffalo chicken P’Zolo. It is a powder. That is probably why it was a little gritty.

  6. the difference between the P’zolo adverited flyer and the real item was amazing and not in the good way. Some pizza bread rolled up with miniscule amounts of filler. I like the Pzones better. I thought this was a sandwich with meat and vegs in it. Not so. THe Pzones are the almost the same thing but bigger and at the same price. UH now why would I ever by these again. VERY disappointed.

  7. Ordered A P’zolo at THE Linden Pizza Hut ( 07036). MEAT TRIO,AND ITALIAN STEAK, THE PRICE IS RIGHT ? IF ?? WHAT IS “A’ P”ZOLO. I got a roll ,that was gummy, the dough did not rise, I called to ask .\ “Manager Said” YOu orered it , it’s right ????? I could see the meat through the dough. the bread did not rise?????? he said yes , no other complaintes…. hello !

  8. I tried the meat trio nd the buffalo chicken both were
    Very tasty. Enjoyed them.

  9. Last week my friend and I got the Italian steak one. We ordered them with only steak and cheese They weren’t great, but were good. So today I called up and TRIED ordering another two. They said that the pzolos where already made and they could not remove anything. I told them about how I got them how I wanted last week, and the manager told me he wasn’t in that day and had no idea of it. I’m I allowed to remove anything from the pzolo?

  10. Well…. I loved the picture when ordering online and said if this is a sub replacement as the advertisement said – I will get the 2 for 5 and take them to work and reheat them in the toaster oven for lunch! Saving a little money! Well ordered online and they called me and told me we are out. I was like ???? OUT? You have dough, what are you out of? So these must be premade. Today I stopped after work to give it another shot and got some to go. They in no way measured up to the photo. They had less than half the stuffing of the picture and they had twice as much dough/crust. I did not like the scoring like it was a fancy stuffed breadstick more than a sandwich. There was a good 1.5 inch of nothing but dough at each end. I am completely disappointed. The taste was less than good – just average. Did not like the tang the chicken gave me – it was the kind of tang you get when eating a piece of pineapple going bad. I took photos of the site p’zolos and what I got to compare side by side and I plan on sending them to pizza hut with a choice few comments. FALSE adevertising for one. This was in no way a sandwich replacement. I will stick to a hot sub from anywhere before eating this janked up breadstick! They look like Hell and the taste was not worth the time to pick it up to go.

  11. Everything other than Pizza I have ever gotten at my local PH has been a complete disappointment. The P’zones were smaller than advertised and I swear I only got 4 slices of pepperoni in mine. I will not even try these P’zones. Oh, and my local Pizza Hut recently started delivering, but we are 8 miles away from the store, and they refused to deliver. No wonder Dominos is kicking their asses!

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