NEWS: Post Hopes You Have A Good Morning With Their Good Morenings Cereals

Good Morning from Maine!

According to the Option Pitch and Waffle Crisp blog (our reviewer Adam’s blog), Post has pushed out a whole line of breakfast cereals called Good Morenings. Before you scroll down and leave a comment about how I spelled “Morenings” wrong, let me stop you and tell you that’s how Post spells it.

Thanks, Post and other companies that make up their own spelling of words! I bet teachers everywhere can’t wait to correct the following sentence: I’m xtremely sorry I didn’t say “Good Morening” 2 the studentz.

The Post Good Morenings cereal line comes in a number of flavors:

Berry Loops

Cocoa Cinnamon Crunch

Frosted Flakes

Strawberry and Creme

Vanilla O’s

Waffle Crunch

For those of you who believe HFCS not only stands for High Fructose Corn Syrup, but also Heavy Fat Causing Sweetener, you’ll be happy to know the cereals don’t contain high fructose corn syrup. However, according to the website My Fitness Pal, the cereal line’s sugar content ranges between 9-13 grams.

If breakfast cereals are one of your main sources of vitamins and minerals, each serving of Good Morenings is an excellent source of B vitamins and a good source of other vitamins and minerals.

If you’ve tried any of the Post Good Morenings cereals, let us know what you think of them in the comments section below.

Source: Option Pitch and Waffle Crisp

Image via flickr user Dana Moos / CC BY 2.0

30 thoughts to “NEWS: Post Hopes You Have A Good Morning With Their Good Morenings Cereals”

  1. I saw the Waffle Crunch a few Saturdays ago, and decided I’d get it the next Sunday when I did my grocery shopping.

    Not even 24 hours later, a display FULL of Waffle Crunch was reduced to Vanilla O’s, Strawberry and Creme, and Cocoa Cinnamon Crunch.

    I got the Cocoa Cinnamon Crunch, which ended up being much tastier than I expected. It’s got a nice balance of cocoa and cinnamon. The box is huge, so I can stick my cereal cup in and scoop some out.

    1. Finally got my Waffle Crunch. For some reason I was expecting unbranded Waffle Crisp, but it was really waffle shapes the size of a Corn Pop or something.

      The syrup/corn ratio is off, so it’s like a corn cereal with a bit of syrupy flavor.

      I’m gonna stick with the CCC next time.

  2. Maybe I should be inured to these deliberate misspellings by now, but this one really bugs me. It’s just hard to look at it. Maybe not quite as bad as Downy Un Stopables (WHY), but close.

  3. I like seeing more and more companies jumping off the HFCS bandwagon. HFCS isn’t as bad as trans fats, but it’s not good either (plus it just doesn’t taste as good as sugar/honey/agave nectar/etc.)

  4. My sister saw this cereal line in WalMart recently and noticed that it had 0 grams of fiber.

    How can you have a cereal made from grain and not have any fiber? Do they have a big machine that sucks out every bit of it? You’d think that they would want some fiber to make it look like they were at least trying to be “healthy.”

    The healthiest thing about it is the lack of HFCS.

    Btw, I wish I knew what the “More” in Morenings meant.

    1. Russ,

      In my opinion, what they mean by the “More” In Morenings is that it comes in a bigger box for a lower price, compared to other cereals.

  5. My son and I saw the various flavors at the store, and thought the packaging made them look appealing. I purchased the berry loops, and we both tried it. It is the most horrible tasting cereal either of us have had. Before I could even make a comment, my son noted that it smelled “artificial”, which I had noticed too. It smells absolutely awful. The taste is awful as well. It takes very unnatural, and it’s truly hard to get through a bowl. The rest of the huge box is going in the garbage. I truly feel like I wasted my money. Never again.

    1. I could not agree more! The Post Good Morenings Berry Loops were awful! I picked them up on accident when I was in a hurry at Walmart and didn’t notice until I was in the check-out line. Next time, I will be more cautious as they were definitely a waste of money.

    2. I agree about the strawberry ones, however the chocolate cinnamon one is awesome! myself and my 3 kids love it.

  6. I’ve tried 3 of the varieties… The berry loops, the strawberry and cream flakes and the cocoa cinnamon crunch. The cocoa cinnamon is by far the best. Much better than I expected. It’s even tasty as a snack dry out of the box. The strawberry cream flakes were good. The flakes were small and lightweight. Kinda like special K but with sugar and a light strawberry flavor. I thought the berry loops were OK. I didn’t find them horrible, but they do taste artificial. They also make the milk a bright shade of pink, which is a little scary. LOL

  7. The strawberry and creme is delicious!! I love it and my kids love it! I especially like the way the milk is strawberry when you’re done.

  8. I opened the box of Berry Loops, ripped the bag open, and inhaled the burning aroma of Kool Aid death. It’s fucking horrifying. You know how when you make a jug of Kool Aid, and no matter what you do, you can’t avoid getting some airborne particles in your throat? And there’s that taste that doesn’t go away for awhile.

    This cereal is like that, only it also burns you. I got some dust in my nose from the bag, and it literally burned my nostrils. I wasn’t crunching anything up and waving it around crazily, I just opened the bag and tried to smell the damn cereal.


    1. Omg I agree opened it two hours ago can still smell the foul Odor of what they call cereal. Its in the garbage.

  9. Wow, everyone is really being quite negative when it comes to this cereal. I say it’s a great bang for your buck! Lots of cereal (which we go through a lot of at my house) and it tastes great! I got the berry loops and waffle crisp…both of which I think are well flavored! Good vitamins and minerals and no hfcs. I personally like this line of cereal. Hope post continues to make it.

    1. I haven’t had the berry loops, but I love the cocoa cinnamon o’s and the waffle crunch. Yum!

    2. I agree. My family absolutely loves the Waffle Crisp. In fact it is the only one they all run for when we get to the cereal isle. It’s the only one we can find in town though. I’d love to try the others. Considering trying mail order since the kids love this one so much!

  10. I too must admit that the berry loops version of this cereal makes me think of shaking up a package of kool-aid powder and then inhaling the cloud of powder that comes out. It seriously put me off. We will not be buying this product again.

  11. I’ve tried 3 – Cocoa Cinnamon Crunch, Berry Loops, and Waffle Crunch.

    I really thought the CCC would be my favorite as I love chocolate and cinnamon together, but Waffle Crunch is actually my favorite! There’s just enough maple flavor and they stay crunchy til the end of the bowl. Yum!

    Berry Loops would be second for me – yes, it smells slightly like red Kool-Aid and turns the milk pink – but I think it tastes like the Crunch Berries from Capt Crunch and I love Strawberry Quik so I’m quite fond of pink milk!

    The CCC wasn’t quite as sweet as I would like. Next time I eat it, I’m gonna try adding a bit of sugar. 🙂

    1. Boy I really wish I we had your taste buds because Capn Crunch with the berries is one of my faves and if it tasted anywhere near like the berries I wouldn’t have to waste this HUGE box of cereal. Kind of wish I hadn’t opened it so I could give it to the food pantry or something so someone who needed it could have it instead of being wasted. My dog won’t even touch it

  12. I bought vanilla 0’s at Walmart and the price for this cereal was better than great value brands.
    Much to my surprise, this was very good. Not too sweet and not too bland. I will definitely buy this again!!

  13. I purchased the Berry Loops today for my 2 year old daughter because she likes frooty cereals but most of the kids cereals are loaded with sugar so I figured this would be GREAT since she likes to snack of Cheerios & such before bedtime. WELL. This was about the biggest waste of money ever. I opened them & got a nice big whiff of something that made me want to turn around & walk to the garbage can but I figured smell can be deceiving so I tried them & I’m STILL washing the taste out of my mouth. NASTY. It makes me never want to buy ANYTHING Post brand again bad. My husband almost threw up & my daughter ate two & said “Please no more mommy promise” & she normally has a higher tolerance for nasty than us. Never ever ever will I buy this again nor would I ever recommend it even to my enemies.

  14. I just discovered them at my local H-E-B, and I thought, “That’s a lot of cereal for $3. Even Better, a dollar off coupon!” Looking at the ones available, I picked the Cinnamon Cocoa Crunch because it had the most fiber (2 grams per serving). And other than the questionable appearance of the cereal (pour milk on them and tell me that doesn’t look wrong without laughing, I DARE YOU!), the taste was quite scrumptious!

    P.S. I’m glad i avoided the Berry cereal as I figured it would reek of Kool-Aid Death! lol.

  15. I have tried the Strawberries and Cream Flakes and my oh my i am hooked. I love strawberries and will be going back to pick up a few more boxes. Yummmmmyyyyyy.

  16. Which store carry Good Morenings? I checked with Shaws and Price Chopper and neither one had them.

  17. I must disagree with the other posters, in that I absolutely LOVE the Berry Loops!!! But I can’t find them anywhere. I’ve checked at WalMarts in several states with no luck. 🙁
    Berry Loops is the only variety I have tried, but I just loved them! They reminded me a bit of monter cereal Frankenberry, only tasted much better and more berry flavored to me.

    1. I agree with you, I have tried all flavors and they are all really good, but I loved the Berry Loops it was my favorite! Maybe they got bad boxes? When I saw it at Walmart I thought it was a really good deal to get so much cereal for such a low price! It seemed healthy and my family eats a lot of cereal so I figured it was a good bargain. We tried it and loved it! My husband loves the Berry Loops and so do my two daughters. But sadly I noticed the Good Morenings cereals are disappearing! I went out looking for more and I only found 2 boxes of Waffle Crunch the rest were gone and every time I go back to look it’s not there. So I think Post discontinued Good Morenings which is sad, it was a healthy cereal we all enjoyed and it lasted pretty long which is shocking considering how fast cereal goes down in my house!

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