NEWS: New Yoplait Simplait Yogurt Is Redait To End Up In Your Tummait

Update: Click here to read our Yoplait Simplait Strawberry Yogurt review

Here’s the ingredients list for Yoplait’s Strawberry Yogurt: cultured pasteurized Grade A low fat milk, sugar, strawberries, modified corn starch, nonfat milk, Kosher gelatin, citric acid, tricalcium phosphate, colored with carmine, natural flavor, pectin, vitamin A acetate, and vitamin D3.

That’s 13 ingredients.

I don’t think that’s a lot, but Yoplait is cutting that number in half with their new Yoplait Simplait Yogurt. The new variety is made from a combination of six ingredients, which include cultured pasteurized grade A milk, fruit, sugar, corn starch, natural flavor and a vegetable or fruit juice or extract or pectin.

Yoplait Simplait will start appearing on store shelves this month and come in four flavors — strawberry, vanilla, peach, and blackberry. The six-ingredient yogurt will be available in six-ounce containers, have a suggested retail price of 90 cents, and provide seven grams of protein.

Seven grams?

So if I workout, maybe eating Yoplait Simplait will help make me sexait.

8 thoughts to “NEWS: New Yoplait Simplait Yogurt Is Redait To End Up In Your Tummait”

  1. Is this the product to replace the Yoplait yogurt with 50% daily calcium
    requirement?? I called the company to ask WHY did they stop making that
    product and was told “we wanted to improve the texture and flavor”.
    But the new product will be sold as “original” butit will have only
    20% calcium. What happened????? I know the old product had lots of things I didn’t need (and maybe not as healthy as it should be) but
    I could eat one of those and with a few other foods get my daily
    calcium requirement. Was there some other issue that we don’t know about with the product. Haven’t tried this new yogurt but will very

  2. I just checked the General Mills website…this new product has 200 calories and only 20 percent DV of calcium.
    Lowfat milk is still only 1 ingredient just like the WHOLE milk in this….why not stick with Lowfat? 200 calories in 1 tiny yogurt isn’t so great.
    I found a Light and Fit Greek Yogurt with only 80 calories and 12 Grams of protein and NO fat!!!! Very yummy!

  3. I liked the Yoplait with 50% calcium. I used it like medicine as getting calcium from foods is better absorbed than from the pills. I would ask General Mills to reintroduce this product. It was good tasting and having the 50% calcium was essential to women who are trying to avoid osteoporosis.

  4. I bought the 50 x and ate it since Yoplait market it. It disappeared from the supermarket shelves, and no word. I tried to find answer to no avail. They ignored it. I, as a consumer want to know what i was eating everyday. Was it poison? Did it affect my health? I think the Yoplait company is hiding something. Perhaps it has to do with destroying our health. They should respond to the public that made qnd makes them rich. It is their responsibility to to answer as soon as possible.

  5. Hi I just tried yoplait simplait blackberry I only bought one to try it know I have to go back to the store I don’t really like yourget I eat it cause it good for you but I could live off this when I ate this cup I woun’t another one this stuff is great and also I had a coupon on it I’m a coupon nut I love saving money with coupon if you have any coupon email me some thank you

  6. I absolutely love the yoplait simplait blackberry yogurt! It tastes like yogurt is suppose to. It is the only yogurt that tastes the way it did back when I was a kid. It can be extremely frustrating when I find a product that I enjoy, then suddenly find out that the corporation has decided to discontinue it.I hope that this will not be the case here. It is difficult enough these days to find a product that is not full of preservatives. I hope that yoplait decides to continue with this brand. I am usually stocking up with at least 10-15 cups per week,to keep up with ot only my, but my youngest demands for this tasty treat! Thank you yoplait for bringing back the taste and simplicity of yogurt!

  7. I LOVE SIMPLAIT!!! I have been looking all over for it. They need to bring this back it’s the best yogurt I have ever had and Women and children need the extras cals from calcium. Anyone who feels they don’t have plenty of other products to choose from, but I want to know and be able to pronounce what I am eating!

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