NEWS: McDonald’s Testing Chicken McWraps In Chicago


Oh, you lucky bastards in Chicago.

Some of you Chicagoans get to enjoy McDonald’s larger-than-a-Snack-Wrap McWraps while they’re testing it in the region and the rest of us in the country have to settle for tiny Snack Wraps that make our hands look huge.

McWraps are new to the United States, but they’ve been available for over a year in many other countries, like Brazil, Hungary, Switzerland, El Salvador, and other countries with their McWrap commercials on YouTube.

Participating locations in Chicago are offering three McWrap varieties: Chicken & Bacon, Sweet Chili Chicken, and Chicken & Ranch. Like their smaller brethren, all three are available with either grilled or crispy chicken. The tortilla wraps are priced at $3.99 each.

Grub Grade posted a quick look at the Chicken & Bacon McWrap.

Image via flickr user Messercn / CC BY 2.0

10 thoughts to “NEWS: McDonald’s Testing Chicken McWraps In Chicago”

  1. Well, personally, I’m looking forward to trying these new McWraps, and I do live in the Chicago area, so I will report back. Oddly enough, I confess to being a calorie-counter; yeah, go figure. But of course, McDonald’s has not published the calorie counts on the McWraps yet. I guess this will be a McDonald’s Trip that I “don’t count”!

  2. Any secret internet voodoo to tell me exactly where? Id love to try one and live in the Chicago Burbs. Saying Chicago encompasses a very large area so it means nothing 😛

  3. I sent those pics to Grub Grade after I had tried the Bacon version. It was fine, but didn’t really blow me away (it was also undersauced).

    I tried the sweet chili one today (with crispy chicken) and really, really liked it. The sauce was delicious….had kind of an Asian tang to it and they had packed in cucumber slices into the wrap (which is something I had never seen at a McDonald’s before). I haven’t tried the Ranch version yet, but it sounds kind of boring.

    Jessica: I’ve seen it advertised in the windows at all of the McDonald’s I’ve passed in the western and southwestern suburbs of Chicago. They even had it at the toll road plaza McDonalds on 294 (and even at the $3.99 price).

    Chuck: Chicago is a great city. Probably one of cleanest major cities in the U.S. Great architecture. Excellent restaurants if you’re a foodie. What’s not to like?

    Other than the murders, of course.

  4. $3.99 ?? Sounds a bit pricey to me, but will try them if they ever sell them up here in Wisconsin. Until then, back to Culver’s I go…

  5. Look. I don’t need all that. All I want is the Mediterranean Snack Wrap I can get in Canada. With a peach mcCafe smoothie. Is that too much to ask!?

  6. they had these back in London, Ontario, Canada (All corporate stores) last year in a southwest, spicy thai and blt.. only a 1 month ‘test’.

  7. Today my husband and I tried the grilled chicken ranch and the grilled sweet chili McWraps — wonderful!! Highly recommend them, when in Chicago area.

  8. Last night I had the crispy sweet chili McWrap and it was awesome! The addition of cucumber really made it, though some onion would have been great too. It was tasty and filled me up, my only quibble would be that they offer it in a meal with fries. It seems a side of fries just doesn’t go with it, but I can’t think of a better substitute off the top of my head. Maybe a bag of chips?
    Anyway, I will definitely get this again and look forward to trying the other flavors.
    Also, I am from Walla Walla, Washington so if you’re in the area. . . definitely try these at the Eastgate McDonalds location 🙂

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