NEWS: Look For Twix Sugar Cookie Minis Soon After Halloween Candy Gets Super Cheap

Sugar Cookies - Beards and Mustaches

The first day of November is like Christmas for those who like Halloween candy because overnight all the Halloween candy still on the shelves magically becomes 30-50 percent cheaper than the day before. This is also when Christmas candy starts appearing on shelves, but at full price.

One candy you’ll see this holiday season replacing all the Halloween stuff is Twix Sugar Cookie Minis. They have the same old Twix chocolate and caramel, but the cookie finger is replaced with a sugar cookie finger that has colorful sugar sprinkles inside it.

Twix Sugar Cookie Minis will be available sometime in November, replacing Halloween-themed Twix bars, and have a suggested retail price of $3.99 for a 10.5 ounce bag.

Source: Candyblog

Image via flickr user betsyweber / CC BY 2.0

2 thoughts to “NEWS: Look For Twix Sugar Cookie Minis Soon After Halloween Candy Gets Super Cheap”

  1. My heart went “Meh” after finding out it was going to be a sugar cookie replacing the normal cookie… I’m a big fan of the Twix cookie and I always eat the chocolate and caramel before I eat the cookie part so changing anything about that makes me grumble like a small child.

    But seeing that it’s holiday-themed? Just that alone perked me up because if they’re already announcing holiday plans, that can only mean on thing: summer is almost over. Heck yeah. Lightened my heart tremendously this morning.

  2. While I do agree candy companies are running out of ideas for flavors, I think this one sounds terrific!

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