NEWS: McDonald’s Mighty Wings Make Me Want Another Mighty Ducks Movie and Mighty Mighty Bosstones Album

McDonald's in Rome, Italy

McDonald’s sells chicken in so many ways. There’s McNuggets, McBites, Chicken Selects Premium Breast Strips, grilled chicken filets, crispy chicken filets, crispy chicken patties, and now in Atlanta they’re selling bone-in chicken wings.

McDonald’s Mighty Wings showed up on Metro Atlanta menu boards earlier this month. According to the Atlanta Business Chronicle, the chicken wings come in three-, five- and ten-piece servings, starting at $2.99.

The article also says the chicken comes with either Creamy Ranch, Spicy Buffalo, and Tangy Barbecue sauce, but I’m sure you could ask for any of the other McNuggets sauces, like the great Hot Mustard.

Here’s a non-promotional photo of McDonald’s Mighty Wings that someone posted on Instagram.

Source: Grub Grade

Image via flickr user Erik Daniel Drost / CC BY 2.0

5 thoughts to “NEWS: McDonald’s Mighty Wings Make Me Want Another Mighty Ducks Movie and Mighty Mighty Bosstones Album”

  1. I wonder if this is suppose to be the same wings that they sell regularly in Asia. If so, they’re not bad but they’re not worth the $1/per wing price. And since they’re sold in the United States, I’m sure they’re also not as good.

    And the reason why I’m saying that is because of the difference between KFC USA and KFC Hong Kong. In HK, the chicken pieces are smaller, juicier and smoother. The ones in the USA is usually overdone with skin already falling off or burnt. The crispy texture and seasoning however, remains the same but KFC Hong Kong is not nearly as oily or at least the batches I got were not given to me with a greased up parchment paper below it.

    Since I’m not in Atlanta, I can’t compare wing to wing but the McWing in HK was battered just as thick as KFC’s Crispy Wings. The flavor on the batter was nothing special nor was it too pepper or salty. My wings were not dry nor was it juicy, they tasted like regular wings. It didn’t stand out at all and because of this, I never bother trying it another time. I’m not sure if its cause people in Asia are more health conscious or they just care at customer satisfaction, either way, my wings were also not oily and was sitting in a clean non soaked parchment paper.

  2. I tried McDonald’s Mighty Wings today and wasn’t impressed. This product has SO MUCH salt in it that I couldn’t eat all the wings (5). I think they have the right amount of crunch, and the breading is not too thick, so that was good. I didn’t notice the wings being hot as I ate them, but after a couple of minutes I got that “hot wing” tingle so there was something in the wings that gave them an extra kick. It was a good thing.

    The only reason I will not buy them again is the excessive salt.

  3. those are basically mini-fried chicken pieces, like you get at the wal-mart deli, theres NO way mcdonald’s does wings right, better of just buying tyson’s for goodness sake….ill stick with jefferson’s, now THAT’S a fruckin wing, the way wings are supposed to be, naked and swimming in buffalo sauce

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