NEWS: Show Your School Pride With College-Branded Limited Edition Printed Fun Pop-Tarts

Limited Edition Frosted Pumpkin Pie Pop-Tarts Innards

Remember when you used to paint a body part in your college’s colors to show your school pride?

Yeah, I never did that. But if you did, I bet you’d be willing to do almost anything for your alma mater, even eat the upcoming school-branded Kellogg’s Limited Edition Printed Fun Pop-Tarts.

Kellogg’s has teamed up with the University of Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Michigan, and North Carolina to create a new line of Pop-Tarts that will have their logos printed on Pop-Tarts frosting. Yes, there isn’t a wide selection of schools to choose from, but don’t feel bad because the school participating didn’t have a wide selection of flavors to choose from. Actually, it appears they didn’t have a choice because these school-inspired Pop-Tarts come in one flavor — strawberry.

However, each school’s Pop-Tart has a unique name. Well, not all of them. The University of Florida’s Florida Gators Strawberry was the least creative of all the names. But there’s also the University of North Carolina’s Tar Heel Berry, University of Arkansas’ Razorback Red, University of Georgia’s Bulldog Berry, and University of Michigan’s Go Blue Strawberry.

Yes, North Carolina and Michigan, which are known for their blue colors, are forced to have strawberry flavored Pop-Tarts instead of the more appropriate blueberry. Go Blue!

Update: Kellogg’s has done this before.

These Limited Edition Printed Fun Pop-Tarts will be available in early September and only sold in the states where the universities are located. They will also be available online at

Source: CBS Sports

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    1. The photo above is the pumpkin pie ones. I needed a stock photo of Pop-Tarts so I used the Pop-Tarts photo from our pumpkin pie Pop-Tarts review.

  1. LOL. I really gotta laugh of this. How awesome is it that I’m going to college in September and *this* bad-boy rolls out?

    Kellogg’s is watching me, I know it!

  2. Go figure, U of M will plaster their M on anything. And even more fitting, I found the U of M pop tarts at Walmart. There is just no breaking that Walmart Wolverine moniker. lol

    Go Green!

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