NEWS: Live Más in the Morning With a Taco Bell A.M. Crunchwrap

Sunrise (Medellín)

Taco Bell’s new A.M. Crunchwrap is exactly how I imagined it in my greasy dreams. Sadly, only available at Taco Bell locations that offer breakfast, which is zero here on this rock in the middle of the Pacific Ocean.

Lisa Jennings, writing for Nation’s Restaurant News:

The new breakfast version features scrambled eggs, cheese and a choice of bacon or sausage instead of beef. And in place of the crispy inner tostada shell, the A.M. Crunchwrap features a hash brown patty. Those ingredients are then wrapped in a soft flour tortilla and grilled.

I can’t wait see what I dream of the next time I eat a Taco Bell FourthMeal and fall asleep soon after.

Image via flickr user Hugo Quintero / CC BY 2.0

2 thoughts to “NEWS: Live Más in the Morning With a Taco Bell A.M. Crunchwrap”

  1. I had some of their First Meal options (but not that new one) before I left California, because they gave me a bunch of “try these free” coupons when I bought a Taco Supreme (after deciding that while the Dorito shell was good, I actually liked the normal non-Dorito crunchy Taco Supreme better). The hash brown was pretty good, but not quite McDonalds good, and after getting one or two of the others I wound up wasting some coupons because I was unimpressed. To be fair to Taco Bell, I did modify the little burrito (omitted the cheese or something).

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