Here are some new products found on store shelves by us and your fellow readers. We may or may not review them, but we’d like to let you know what new items are popping up. We’ll also occasionally throw in an unusual product.


To celebrate their 30th birthday, Kettle Brand brought back four of their retired flavors for a limited time — Red Chili, Jalapeño Jack, Salsa with Mesquite, and Cheddar Beer. The only flavor I tried before it was retired was Cheddar Beer, and now my taste buds get to relive them again. (Found at the Kingsbury Whole Foods in Chicago. Thanks for the photo, Ben!)

Pillsbury Chocolate Strawberry Toaster Strudel

Maybe it’s just me, but doesn’t the Toaster Strudel on the box look like it’s a sacrifice for some ancient demonic religion. The strawberry filling looks like blood and the symbol drawn in chocolate frosting looks not only like a rocket going into space, but also a one-eyed demon with three hairs on its head. Or maybe I’ve seen Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom too many times. (Thanks for the photo, Adam!)

Lay's Stax

There’s also a Lay’s Stax All-American Cheeseburger. So if happen to get your hands on all three flavors, you can enjoy a complete Hooters meal in potato crisp form. (Thanks for the photo, Adam!)

Whole Grain Corn Dogs

Whole grain is taking over the whole grocery store. It’s making it easy to get our daily fill of whole grain from junk food. If only junk food companies could figure out a way to sneak vegetables into our food. (Thanks for the photo, Adam!)


Larry the Cable Guy isn’t the only Blue Collar comic with a line of chips. Jeff Foxworthy also has one. But I’m disappointed Bill Engvall’s Dill Pickalls and Ron White Scotch don’t exist. (Found in the Georgetown, Texas area. Thanks for the photo, Brian!)

If you’re out shopping and see a new product on the shelf (or really unusual), snap a picture of it, email it to us at [email protected] with “Spotted” in the subject line, and you might see it in our next Spotted on Shelves post.

9 thoughts to “SPOTTED ON SHELVES – 9/5/2012”

  1. Couple comments:

    We have yet to try the Red Chile or the Jalapeno Jack flavors (but they are in our pantry) of the 30th Anniversary Limited Edition Kettle Brand Chips, but we can comment on the Salsa with Mesquite – really amazing!!! And the Cheddar Beer (review here: !!!

    We haven’t seen those flavors from Lay’s Stax on our local shelves yet, but we’ll keep our eyes open.

    And finally….Larry the Cable Guy, believe it or not, in our opinion is actually putting out some solid products….

  2. Chip Review, I’m with you on the Larry the Cable Guy chips. I had the cheeseburger ones… and they actually taste like cheeseburger. My only complaint is that they’re too salty and make my tongue feel funny after awhile, so I can only have a few in one sitting.

  3. I find Larry the Cable Guy painfully unfunny, but I would eat the living HELL out of some of those fried dill pickle chips.

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