NEWS: KFC Introduces Dip’ems ANOTHER Dippable Chicken Product


When KFC introduced their KFC Bites, I thought to myself, “Don’t they already have popcorn chicken?” They did.

And now after learning about their new KFC Dip’ems chicken tenders, I’m thinking to myself, “Don’t they already have dippable chicken strips?” They do.

I guess it’s hard to come up with different products when you can use only chicken.

The new chicken product is made using 100 percent premium all-white meat chicken, marinated and double-breaded in special seasonings. They’re available in a bucket of 20 tenders, which includes all six sauces, or in a combo with three tenders, a choice of two sauces, a side item, a biscuit and a medium drink. Along with the Dip’ems, KFC also introduced three new dipping sauces — Creamy Buffalo, Orange Ginger and Bacon Ranch.

KFC Dip’ems commercial below:

Source: Grub Grade

Image via flickr user Marufish / CC BY SA 2.0

One thought to “NEWS: KFC Introduces Dip’ems ANOTHER Dippable Chicken Product”

  1. Wanted to try dip’ems for the 1st time. Order-taker had no idea what they were, asked me if i wanted stips, I said ‘i don’t know,they’re Dip’ems. I finally received what looked like small strips but NO dipping sauce. Also, they were ultra-salty. So much for KFC’s ‘new’ product. Thanks, but no thanks. June

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