Here are some new products found on store shelves by us and your fellow readers. We may or may not review them, but we’d like to let you know what new items are popping up. We’ll also occasionally throw in an unusual product.

CPK Frozen Jamaican Jerk Chicken

Hey, mon! Do you like your frozen pizza topped with a spicy and sweet sauce, Jamaican jerk-style chicken, mozzarella cheese, roasted bell peppers, onions, and scallions? If so, CPK has a limited edition pizza for you to eat after skankin’ to some Eek-A-Mouse. BIG UP!

Delimax Tostizzas

Ugh! Tostizzas! I thought Taco Bell was the only company that made Tex-Mex products with names that have the ability to make Microsoft Word’s spellcheck cry.

Folgers Fresh Breaks

The best part of waking up is knowing there’s an extremely quick and easy way to make a single serving of Folgers coffee in your cup!

New Pace Salsas

New Pace Dips

I find it a little weird Mexican restaurants have homemade salsa, but Pace has restaurant-style salsas. Is that Pace’s way of saying they have homemade salsas? I am confused.

Wasabi Mayonnaise

What!?! Only now I learn there’s a lazier way to get wasabi mayonnaise. I wasted years of my life trying to discover the right wasabi and mayonnaise ratio. Why must you torment me, wasabi gods?

If you’re out shopping and see a new product on the shelf (or really unusual), snap a picture of it, email it to us at [email protected] with “Spotted” in the subject line, and you might see it in our next Spotted on Shelves post.

16 thoughts to “SPOTTED ON SHELVES – 10/17/2012”

  1. I think that these columns should be accompanied by the name of the store there were spotted in, hence making them easier to locate. Do we want to live in a world were store names are not listed? I think the living would envy the dead.

      1. It would also be cool if you could list the city or state where the products were found. That way we will know if they are in our area RIGHT NOW. Sometimes I see something in SOS and I want to run to Walmart immediately to pick it up. I guess geographical region would suffice if contributors don’t want to give away too much “personal information”.

        1. It would be even cooler if Marvo would go out and buy the stuff and then deliver them to our house!

  2. Ooooo, I love Taco Bell’s mexican pizza, I wonder if the Delimex can compare! Their tacito’s aren’t too great, they can’t even compare to 7-11.

    The jerk chicken CPK is pretty good, pretty spicey. It was on clearance at my local store, but still $6.

  3. We have a brazilian brand making wasabi mayo for a couple of years, but it tastes baaaad. I like to put some shoyo and ginger paste when I make wasabi mayo!

  4. I’ve had the jerk chicken pizza a couple of times, not quite as good as the barbeque chicken pizza.

  5. I just bought the Pace Southwest Ranch… It is disgusting. It had this bitter, rancid taste to it. Yuck.

    1. I agree with that. Who puts white beans in their salsas?! Black beans are good in salsa but white beans?!

      Marvo, how often you post “Spotted On Shelves” posts? I love it!

      1. They’re popular so I’m trying to do three a week. But I may run out of pictures really quick if I do, so I hope more people send photos in.

        1. I saw Kellogg’s has re-branded their Special K ready-to-drink breakfast shakes as Kellogg’s Breakfast To Go. They’re presenting them as a new product, although the ingredients and nutrition facts are the same on each. I’m headed to the store so I’ll snap a pic to send you. Hopefully I find some other interesting new things.

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