NEWS: What The Hell is Nectresse?

Nectresse Packets

So, you know how Equal comes in the blue packets, Splenda comes in the yellow packets, and Sweet’n Low comes in pink packets? Well, there a new no-calorie sweetener that’s going to claim orange packets. That’s sweetener my friends is Nectresse.

I know what you’re thinking. It totally sounds like a brand of citrus shampoo, but it’s not. Also, I think Nectresse would make a great stripper name.

This new natural no-calorie sweetener is made by the folks who make Splenda and, according to those folks, a packet of Nectresse provides the same sweetness as two teaspoons of sugar. The sweetener is made with erythritol, sugar, monk fruit extract, and molasses.

Yeah, I don’t know what monk fruit is either, so I AltaVistaed it, after I Googled to see if AltaVista still existed. Google led me to Wikipedia, which said it’s a small gourd-like fruit that’s native to China.

The Wikipedia entry didn’t specifically say why it’s called monk fruit, but after seeing pictures of it, I can only guess it got its name because the fruit looks like the bald head of a monk.

Nectresse Container

Pictures taken at Target.

8 thoughts to “NEWS: What The Hell is Nectresse?”

  1. I’m wondering the same thing. I just got a couple of free sample packets of this in the mail the other day and I’m scared to try it. I may have to put it in my morning coffee next week though just to try it out. You may not hear from me on the blog ever again after that!

    1. I got the free sample packets as well. I put one in my coffee…and wound up dumping my coffee down the sink. Nasty.

  2. Hmmm, Monk fruit extract is banned in the E.U., Not the first time the FDA has approved something that other parts of the world don’t allow. HFCS anyone.

  3. The front says “100% natural made from monk fruit”. The ingredients list, however, lists erythritol (a sugar alcohol made from corn), sugar, monk fruit, and molasses.

    Yes, somehow they’ve made “0 calorie” sweetener from SUGAR and MOLASSES. And the ingredient on the front is third on the list.

    1. I first heard of monk fruit sweetener from Dr Oz. I thought if he says something good about any products on his show that at least he should have reviewed the product first. So i tried it and to me it’s another chemical poison from Splenda. If i knew that it was going to taste like that i would never have even thought about it. Who can you trust? The food companies in America are using us as lab tests subjects with a money symbol on our foreheads !!!! What a shame!!!
      I’m not going to take any more of this Nectresse. You don’t know what harm it is doing to your body in the long run. Better safe than sorry and sick or dead later. BEWARE!!!

  4. What the H#@% is Erythritol? Maybe we should put this to the ANT test. Put it on the ground and see if ants eat it. If they don’t touch it, neither should we!

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