Here are some new and limited edition products found on store shelves by us and your fellow readers. We may or may not review them, but we’d like to let you know what new items are popping up. We’ll also occasionally throw in an unusual product.

Trix 3 New Swirls

Oooh. Three new swirls. I’m as excited as the Trix Rabbit on the front of the box. It’s so hard for me to hold back my excitement. Three new swirls are the greatest things to happen to Trix cereal. Can’t you tell how excited I am by the lack of exclamation points in this paragraph? Also, why does the Trix Rabbit look like he’s going to sexually harass someone? (Spotted at Target.)

Progresso Light Creamy Potato with Bacon & Cheese

Progresso’s Light Creamy Potato with Bacon & Cheese is like a black Snuggie. Both warm me up and both are slimming. (Spotted at Target.)

Minute Ready to Serve Jasmine Rice

BOOM! Fragrant Jasmine rice in 60 seconds. Now all I need to do is learn how to make a Thai dish to go with the rice. (Spotted at Target.)

Renuzit Tempting Indulgences

You can smell red velvet cake, creme brûlée, or chocolate covered cherries when you eat them, and now, thanks to these Renuzit Tempting Indulgences, you can smell red velvet cake, creme brûlée, or chocolate covered cherries while the red velvet cake, creme brûlée, or chocolate covered cherries you ate comes out of the opposite end of your digestive system. (Spotted by Rob at Stop & Shop.)

If you’re out shopping and see a new or limited edition product on the shelf (or really unusual), snap a picture of it, and send us an email ([email protected]) with where you found it and “Spotted” in the subject line. If you do so, you might see your picture in our next Spotted on Shelves post.

7 thoughts to “SPOTTED ON SHELVES – 11/16/2012”

  1. The “Tempting Indulgences” Renuzits are absolutely horrible. All 3 of them smell like floor cleaner/ benzene (not that i have extensive knowledge of what benzene smells like, more a figure of speech…)

    I keep a REnuzit by my desk at work and love the Peach and Raspberry but these 3 are horrible and I dont know why they get such praise.

    1. I agree with you Steve! I recieved a coupon for those. I saw them in Target decided to open them up. Here what I think of the smells:

      Creme Brulee: UGH! Smelled like some kind of rotten cake spoiled

      Red Velvet Cake: NOTHING LIKE RED VELVET! More like red crap smell like fake cocoa

      Chocolate Covered Cherries: Smelled like artifical scent almost like a tootsie cherry pop.

      They need to redevelop the scents maybe they could ask pastry chefs and do the R&D team ever ate a real dessert to develop the scent.

  2. The Red Velvet renuzit smells like red vines. It’s weird. Better than poop, but weird.
    (Got 2 for 99 cents at Target with a coupon, so not too bad. Also got the chocolate covered cherry scent but havent cracked it open yet.

  3. I found the Progresso Light “Vegetable Barley” to be really good. I bought it not because it was on sale or lower in calories, but because it had a fraction of the sodium of their regular vegetable soup.

  4. I smelled the Renuzit temping indulgences in the store recently I was turned off by the smells of all 3 of them.

    Creme Brulee- smelled like garbage artficical butter

    Red Velvet- Nothing like red velvet fake cocoa

    Chocolate Covered Cherries- Smelled like cherry tootise pop but fake cherry.

    Did the R&D team just made up thinking that they would get the scents spot-on?!

  5. LOL. Three new swirls, are you kidding!? My mind’s been blown! This is by far the most intuitive brand of marketing I’ve seen in years! The guys at Twix are truly on to something. – Kellogg’s and Post take heed!

    1. Wait, wait… Twix? Or Trix? Oh my gosh, speaking of blown minds, that’s a brilliant idea! Chocolate cookie Twix Trix! With caramel swirls! That sounds like a match made in heaven. You should write a letter to the marketing department at General Mills… 😉

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