NEWS: Torani To Release Chicken ‘n Waffles Syrup Fo’ Reals This Time…Maybe

IHOP Chicken & Waffles

Hey! Remember earlier this year when syrup maker Torani tricked the internet into thinking they were going to release a Chicken ‘n Waffles syrup.

I certainly remember being duped by that April Fool’s Day prank on March 26th.

I don’t know if there are rules for April Fool’s pranks, but doing your prank five days before April Fool’s Day is probably breaking one of them. Even if it’s not an actual rule, doing that was as douchey as dumping someone via a text message.

Anyhoo, Torani decided to make their Chicken ‘n Waffles syrup a reality. It combines three different flavors — buttermilk waffles, fried chicken, and maple syrup. So get ready to make your lattes taste a bit weird.

Of course, if they were willing to trick everyone five days before April Fool’s Day, what’s stopping them from tricking us five months before April Fool’s Day? Well, we will find out starting on November 26 when Torani Chicken ‘n Waffles bottles become available while supplies last on Torani’s website for $6.95.

Source: Business Wire

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  1. Regardless of whether or not it’s “for real this time”… it sounded like a terrible idea before, and it still sounds like a terrible idea now.

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