NEWS: Cadbury UK Develops Chocolate That Can Withstand 104 Degree Fahrenheit Heat

Cadbury World

Scientists at Cadbury UK have developed a chocolate that will remain solid in 104 degree Fahrenheit heat for up to three hours. Usually chocolate melts at 93 degree Fahrenheit, unless it’s M&M’s which melts at whatever temperature your hand is.

According to Cadbury, the chocolate will be used in their chocolate bars sold in warmer countries, like India and Brazil, but won’t be sold in the United Kingdom. While that fact has upset some British folks, Ray Bradbury fan in me is disappointed the hard-to-melt chocolate isn’t being called UK Cadbury’s Fahrenheit 104.

The chocolate’s melting point is higher thanks to a technique the Cadbury scientists developed which turns the sugar into smaller pieces, allowing less fat to cover each particle, which allows it to withstand higher temperatures than regular chocolate.

So I guess this new chocolate won’t melt in my mouth unless I have a fever, I’m sitting in a car on a summer day with the windows rolled up, or I’m somewhere in Arizona.

Source: The Telegraph

Image via flickr user ell brown / CC BY 2.0