PRIZE DRAWING: Because I Want To Make You Think Arby’s


The fine folks at Arby’s sent us coupons to give away to TIB readers. To be exact, they sent us five sets of coupons and we’re going to give them away to five lucky TIB readers. Each set contains a coupon for a free Arby’s Pecan Chicken Salad Sandwich, another coupon for their House Made Potato Chips, and one for their Triple Berry Shake.

Arby’s Pecan Chicken Salad Sandwich is made with chunks of grilled chicken, pecans, diced red apples, crisp celery, red grapes, mayonnaise and green leaf lettuce all served on a honey wheat bread.

Arby’s House Made Potato Chips are thick-cut kettle-style house made chips tossed with classic Arby’s Sauce seasoning. We gave them a positive review.

Finally, Arby’s Triple Berry Shake is served with a berry swirl and topped with whipped cream and a berry drizzle.

To enter The Impulsive Buy’s Arby’s Coupon Drawing, leave a comment with THIS post. You can say whatever you want in your comment, but it must also include whether you enjoy Horsey Sauce, Arby’s Sauce, both, or neither.

Please don’t forget to fill out the email field because we’ll be emailing the randomly selected winners for their mailing addresses. The Impulsive Buy will stop accepting entries on Tuesday, July 9, 2013 11:59 p.m. Hawaii Standard Time. Only one comment allowed per person, and it’s only open to U.S. residents 18 years old or older.

Update: If you’re coming from a site called Online-Sweepstakes, your entries will be disqualified.

For those of you who have a Twitter account, you can get an additional entry by tweeting the following by Tuesday, July 9, 2013 11:59 p.m. Hawaii Standard Time:

Hey, @theimpulsivebuy! I’m thinking @Arbys. I’m also thinking about unicorns, rainbows, and that guy from the @OldSpice commercials.

So just copy, paste, and tweet. Only one tweet per Twitter account.

Good luck!

Fine Print: The Impulsive Buy promises your email address will not be used to send you anything that can be easily debunked on Snopes. Impulsive Buy also promises your mailing address will not be used to send you Express clothing mailers. Bribes will not be accepted. The Impulsive Buy will not be responsible for lost mail, damaged mail, or you living far away from an Arby’s.

214 thoughts to “PRIZE DRAWING: Because I Want To Make You Think Arby’s”

  1. I thoroughly enjoy Arbys suace, so much so that I constantly beg my friend who works at arbys to give me a gallon of it

  2. Horsey sauce is the only way to go!!! I think horseradish is underused as a condiment!

  3. What I want to know is who *ISN’T* thinking about the Old Spice Guy!

    Also, I love me some Arby’s Sauce… but don’t even think about getting that Horsey Sauce near me, yuck.

  4. I usually order a beef & cheddar with no ranch, and add both Arby’s & Horsey sauce. However, I do love a French Dip, and I put neither on one of those, since it doesn’t work well with the Au jus.

  5. I love Horsey Sauce on my ham & Arby’s Sauce on my beef. Arby’s sauce should be available in stores!

  6. Arby’s sauce all the way! I’d bathe in it if I didn’t think it would, um, cause problems in my ladybits.

  7. Arby’s sauce, nomnomnom. Horsey sauce, well my hubby likes it. Chicken salad is good stuff..and the chocolate puff pastry thing is very tasty. I can haz coupons?

  8. I don’t really care for either sauce, I feel the only sauce that doesn’t take away from the awesome roast beef is the bbq sauce

  9. Is it wrong that my big outing (typically on a weekly basis) is to Arby’s? Hey, I’m a new mom and I don’t get out much. But I simply cannot live with out that Arby’s Sauce! I’m corrupting my son by taking him to a fast food restaurant, aren’t I?

  10. Man, I wish Arby’s Sauce was thicker or spicier or somethinger. It always seems ju-u-st less than great. But it’s a zillion times better than Horsey Sauce. That stuff is nasty.

  11. While I gallop towards the Horsey Sauce, my favorite is the Beef N Cheddar and the Chicken Salad (it is very good–even more so when you consider it is from a fast food joint)

  12. I don’t like horsey sauce or Arby’s sauce. I think their sandwiches are better just the way they are!

  13. The horsey sauce on arbys curly fries is close to my favorite fast food combination

  14. I like Arby’s sauce and horsey sauce depending what I am eating it on- and I don’t like them mixed together!

  15. Both sauces rock! Dont eat arbys much! but it would be dope to win this! Good luck yalls!

  16. Arby’s sauce is just okay. Horsey sauce is more fun, but SAYING ‘horsey sauce’ is the most fun of all. Thanks for doing the drawing! 🙂

  17. Horsey sauce was the shiznit back when I was in highschool and could only afford the Arby Jr. I would slather it all over the measley meat portion and use the Arby sauce for my fries.

  18. I like both, but prefer arby’s sauce on most if not all sandwiches. but horsey sauce is a good conversation started… so have you ever had “horsey sauce”? lol

  19. I am not wild about either sauce, but if I were forced to choose one, I opt for Arby’s Sauce. Horsey Sauce is too “white”. That has absolutely no racial overtones, by the way.

  20. Those chips are solid. They have a nice crunch and just the right amount of seasoning.

  21. Horsey sauce…yay -or- nnneigh ? — pun intended 😉

    Normally I wouldnt eat anything like horseradish sauce or sour cream even but for some reason I do like Horsey sauce. I mix it with the Arby Barby sauce if I eat it there but if I take them home I mix it with the bbq sauce I have in the fridge which is thicker and more flavorful.

  22. Arby sauce is nice, not amazing.
    I tried horsey as a kid and it was too spicy. I will try it again.

  23. Arby’s Sauce is OK, but my favorite is Horsey Sauce. Sometimes I dip my Curley Fries in Horsey Sauce. I like the spicy!

  24. I wish there were more Arby’s in NYC so I could get me a sandwich with Arby’s sauce (no Horsey sauce…absolutely not).

  25. I enjoy both Horsey Sauce and Arby’s Sauce (and have bags of them from prior visits)!

  26. I actually enjoy the chicken salad sandwich at arby’s – roast beef, not so much! With my arby’s fries (which homstyle kick curly fries ass and too bad they aren’t around anymore) I prefer a mix of arby’s sauce and horsey sauce…

  27. Love their Market Fresh Sandwiches and you can never go wrong with the Horsey sauce

  28. I like both Arby’s and Horsey sauce, sometimes I like to go through the drive through so I can have some extra packets for home

  29. a dolla make you holla arby sauce is stella

    note: stella=stellar aka i like arby sauce better

  30. I love their chicken pecan salad sandwich, I hope they didn’t switch the bread it comes on that was really good too, and I do enjoy their horsey sauce more than the Arbys sauce.

  31. My love is whatever they use on the limited-time Arby-Q’s… It’s not Horsey’s or Arby’s Sauce. I don’t care what you say! 🙂

  32. i like neiter, i don’t even know where to find an arby’s where i live (Bay Area) so what’s the point?

  33. I’ve never eaten at an Arby’s, although there is one nearby. Maybe a freebie would change my mind. 😉

  34. Arby’s Sauce for me is like Super Saiyan ketchup; I put it on everything.

    Horsey sauce is good to, but I’ll only eat it while at Arby’s. Whereas I pack away Arby’s Sauce packets for a wide variety of uses at home.

  35. Love Arbys sauce and horsey sauce. I once smuggled Arbys sauce across the canadian boarder, to find there’s more Arbys than hospitals in Canada.

  36. I don’t like horsey sauce, but want to try the chips that probably aren’t chips that are not from a bag.

  37. I love Horsey Sauce on their value menu ham and cheese sandwiches. Not crazy about the Arby’s sauce, but I love the Red Ranch sauce they use on their Beef and Cheddars. (I’ve heard it’s really just Catalina dressing, but I love Catalina dressing so that explains why I love Red Ranch sauce.)

  38. I’m not exactly sure what Horsey Sauce is…..but I’m sure the Horses are going crazy over it. BUT ARBY SAUCE AND CURLY FRIES. FOOD TO DIE FOR.

  39. I’m a fan of Arby’s sauce. Horsey sauce – not so much? I wasn’t blessed with taste buds that like heat.

  40. The ONLY way to do is it mix 2 packets of horsey sauce along with 2 packets of arby sauce!!!

  41. I used to love their Horsey sauce but since they stopped using real horse it hasn’t been the same. I realize they are saving money using
    ponies and baby kittens but nothing beats the taste of real horse.

  42. I like to mix the Horsey Sauce and Arby’s Sauce together. Though the ratio has to be 1 part Horsey and 2 parts Arby’s.

  43. You have to mix 2 horsey sauces for each arby sauce, then smother your fries and roast beef with the mixture. Delicious…

  44. A Beef and Cheddar with curly fries and Horsey Sauce on top is the only way I have my roast beef. Down in Georgia they serve it with this red ranch sauce, which I try to avoid.

  45. I lovedlovedloved horsey sauce when I was a kid, before I ever bothered to look at ingredients. Now I only lovelove it…

  46. I love Arby’s sauce, but Arby’s Red Ranch (the sauce on beef and cheddar) is where it’s at!! Horsey sauce is for the birds.

  47. Arby’s sauce is good, but the Horsey sauce is where it’s at. I’ll admit to stashing some packs every Arby’s trip for application to non-Arby food, but keep that secret between us yeah?

  48. i love arby sauce and always want extra packets for burgers later
    vmkids3 at msn dot com

  49. I like their Arby’s sauce. Don’t care for the Horsey sauce, although my husband likes it.

  50. I like both Arby’s Sauce and Horsey Sauce. But not together. And I like the Bronco Berry Sauce best.

  51. I love Arby’s sauce. I wish I could find it in a store for my frozen Arby’s fries. And I really want to try that chicken salad after reading so many good things about it.

  52. I am loving the King Hawaiian bread with the Arby’s sandwiches. The new housemade chips, on the other hand, are not a necessary addition to their menu.

  53. Arby’s sauce for sure. I usually do not like horseradish unless its with prime rib.

  54. This all sounds good.

    I like both Horsey and uh… Arbee sauce, but not at the same time. And that Three Pepper Sauce is great too.

  55. OMG!! I loooooove the Pecan Chicken Salad sandwich!!! I wish they sold it year-round. But when I can’t have it I get a Beef & Cheddar with….


  56. Dude you totally gotta have BOTH! Smother the curly fries in that mess and your mouth will go straight to heaven!!

  57. I absolutely love Horsey Sauce and make sure to grab packets by the handful whenever I stop into the store. Basically, I never go through the drive thru because they never give me enough sauce packets, they think i’m kidding when I say I want 10+ packets with my one sandwich order LOL!

  58. Love horsey sauce but usually mix in a bit of Arby’s sauce too. I think I totally go there just to drown the food in the sauces 🙂

  59. pick me! i’ve never experienced the joy of arby’s, though there is one about 15 minutes away from me. i did try arby’s sauce once, it was in a bag of sauces at my friend’s house. pretty good.

  60. Horsey Sauce!!!!!!!!!! It’s even good on their curly fries–don’t judge.

  61. I enjoy dipping my curly fries in the horsey sauce and then slathering the sauce all over my roast beef, too.

  62. I love arby’s but don’t like horsey or arby’s sauce. I just like the cheese sauce! An arby’s melt or beef and cheddar (no red sauce) and my day is made. Wait… maybe some curly fries with that too! 🙂

  63. I am a nut for variety when it comes to sauces, dips, and condiments. I definitely like to have a little of both the Horsey Sauce and Arby’s Sauce with a Roast Beef sandwich. Thanks for the chance to win!

  64. I really don’t care for either Arby’s or Horsey Sauce, but I do enjoy honey mustard with my roast beef sandwiches.

  65. I love Arby sauce! Not so much on the horsey. Arbys also has delicious honey mustard.

  66. Arby’s sauce has always been amazing, but I’ve been giving Horsey Sauce a shot lately too.

  67. I used to use Arby’s sauce but have somehow gotten away from it over the years

  68. can’t say that I am a fan of either sauce LOVE the Mozz sticks! and the Crispy Chicken Cordeun Bleu oh oh and curly fries

  69. Both Arby and Horsey sauce please! Arby’s is also one of the closest fast food places to my work so I got there somewhat often. I was happy that they brought back the Jalapeno Poppers on the appetizer menu, but the Bronco Berry Sauce that comes with them isn’t as good as I remember it from before.

  70. Feel free to send me things that can be debunked with some difficulty on Snopes. As for Arby’s, I can’t stand Horsey Sauce. Bleah. Arby’s Sauce is pretty great, though. I’ve gotta try their new chips sometime.

  71. I like Arby’s sauce..frankly I’ve never had the horsey sauce maybe I need to try it…oh…and pick me because I’m poor as hell right now and also love to try new things LOL.

  72. And I like don’t really like Arby’s sauces. I’d rather just use ketchup. 🙂

  73. If it’s wrong to dip my curly fries in horsey sauce, then I don’t want to be right…

  74. Horsey sauce for sure! I love me a good ole’ plain roast beef sandwhich with that yummy delicious sauce on top.

  75. I don’t like horsey sauce but I have to have the Arby’s sauce. It’s sooo good!

  76. I quite enjoy Arby’s sauce but not on anything that’s not from Arby’s.

  77. I love Arby’s sauce.We eat a lot of Arby’s in my house because they are so good and not greasy like other fast foods.

  78. Horsey sauce FTW! I also found that combining horsey sauce, honey mustard, and three pepper sauce makes a surprisingly tasty dip for the curly fries.

  79. i really like arby’s sauce, it’s my favorite place to eat. i love the hot ham n cheese and the curly fries are awesome!!!

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