FAST FOOD FIVE – 10/1/2013

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Here are five recent fast food news bites:

Jamba Juice’s delightful Pumpkin Smash smoothie is back for a limited time to give me brain freeze. (via PR Newswire)

Did you know October is National Cookie Month? Well, Papa John’s is reminding you in a big way. (via Business Wire)

Whoopie! Make your own Whoopie Pies at Baskin-Robbins! Okay, actually, I’m not too excited about what is basically an ice cream sandwich. (via PR Newswire)

Dunkin’ Donuts sure loves stuffing their Angus into things. But we have yet to see a Dunkin’ Angus Donut Sandwich, so maybe they don’t love it that much. (via Grub Grade)

Hey, people who go to Subway! SUBtember is over. Welcome, month with only a few discounted sandwiches! (via Grub Grade)