SPOTTED ON SHELVES – Pringles Tortillas

Pringles Tortillas

Pringles Tortillas come in three flavors: Original, Nacho Cheese, and Southwestern Ranch. However, Walmart also has an exclusive flavor — Zesty Salsa. So if regular Pringles are made with potato flakes, then are these made with corn flakes? (Spotted by Kim at Walmart.)

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4 thoughts to “SPOTTED ON SHELVES – Pringles Tortillas”

  1. Sooooo….. Are these just oval shaped Torengos?

    (Torengos were the triangle tortilla chips put out by Pringles – in a triangle can – about 10 or so years ago….)

  2. Torengos were freaking awesome! I have high hopes for these.. Torengos being discontinued still continues to sadden me, I so need these to fill that void.

  3. Torengos were great, what sucks about these is the shape. The saddle shape seems a bit counter intuitive to dip in a salsa for instance.

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