FAST FOOD FIVE – 12/30/2013


Here are five recent fast food news bites:

YEE-HAW! Burger King has a inexpensive Rodeo Burger and an equally as inexpensive Rodeo Chicken Sandwich. (via Burger King)

Jack in the Box’s new healthier-for-you breakfast sandwich, the Egg White & Turkey Sandwich, has just 248 calories, six grams of fat, and a tomato. (via Business Wire)

Also, Jack in the Box now has sweet potato fries, but not just any sweet potato fries. We’re talking crisscut sweet potato fries. (via Jack in the Box)

Start your New Year right with 99 cent corn dogs at Wienerschnitzel. Oh wait, did I say, “start your New Year right”? I meant to say break all your New Year’s resolutions to lose weight with 99 cent corn dogs at Wienerschnitzel. (via Wienerschnitzel’s Facebook Page)

Just the words “Krispy Kreme cheesecake doughtnuts” give me a heavy feeling in my stomach. (via Grub Grade)