PRIZE DRAWING: Because Bottled Arby’s Sauces Are An Awesome Idea That Should’ve Happened Sooner


The fine folks at Arby’s sent two gift packages to give away, each of which include VIP Cards to try Arby’s Chocolate Trio of desserts and the King’s Hawaiian Roast Beef Sandwich, bottled Arby’s Sauces, and a notebook which you can use to keep track of all the ways you’re going to use that bottle of Arby’s Sauce.

My goodness, the things I want to do with that bottle of Arby’s Sauce!

To enter The Impulsive Buy’s Bottled Arby’s Sauces Prize Pack Giveaway, leave a comment with THIS post. You can say whatever you want, but it MUST include your plans for the Arby’s Sauce and/or Horsey Sauce. Are you going to put it on ice cream? Are you going to make an Arby’s Sauce Bloody Mary?

Please don’t forget to fill out the email field because we’ll be emailing the randomly selected winners for their mailing addresses.

We will stop accepting entries on Saturday, January 18, 2014 11:59 p.m. Hawaii Standard Time. Only one comment allowed per person, and it’s only open to U.S. residents 18 years old or older.

For those of you who have a Twitter account, you can get an additional entry by tweeting the following by Saturday, January 18, 2014 11:59 p.m. Hawaii Standard Time:

Hey @theimpulsivebuy! I want to make that @Arbys Sauce bottle go PFFFFFFFTTTTTT!

So just copy, paste, and tweet. Only one tweet per Twitter account.

Good luck!

Fine Print: The Impulsive Buy promises your email address will not be used to send you emails about personal finance matters. Impulsive Buy also promises your mailing address will not be used to send you origami cranes or frogs. Bribes will not be accepted. If you’re coming from a site called Online-Sweepstakes, your entries will be disqualified because this drawing for Impulsive Buy readers only. The Impulsive Buy will not be responsible for lost mail, damaged mail, or wasting your bottle of Arby’s Sauce by taking off the cap and pouring it over your head.

182 thoughts to “PRIZE DRAWING: Because Bottled Arby’s Sauces Are An Awesome Idea That Should’ve Happened Sooner”

  1. um, i’m horse around and play with my food with the horsey sauce. put it on pizza, eggs, sausage… all the good stuff!

  2. I will do what bottled Arby’s Sauce was always meant for, a triple decker Arby’s sandwich smothered in cheese and Arby’s sauce on a fresh pretzel bun.

  3. For some reason I have a feeling that the horsey sauce will go good with fish, so I’d try that out.

  4. Actually an Arby’s sauce Bloody Mary doesn’t sound bad. Promise to send pics and maybe a review if I win!

  5. Dude. I make homemade oven fries all too often and having a bottle of Arby’s Horsey Sauce would be a splendid, lovely thing. It would be a change of pace from Thousand Island dressing (for homemade Animal Style fries, of course) or ranch.

  6. Going to have a food fight with the Arby’s and horsey sauce, see which one is truly superior.

  7. I’m boring,I’ll use them on sandwiches,mainly roast beef and turkey.
    I love that notebook too!

  8. Going to use it to cover the taste of my stepmother’s cooking. She tries but…yeah, no…

  9. Wow Wow Wow….
    Horsey Sauce:Rare roast beef, Pepper Jack cheese, sliced red onion on a toasted pretzel bagel (from Tim Horton’s) and, oh yeah, smothered in Horsey Sauce… Yummmmm

    Arby’s Sauce:Cheese stuffed burger (on the grill), grilled red onion, cheese, bacon, on a warm chiabatta roll…

    Can’t wait for summer….

  10. I would use the Arby’s sauce while grilling, It would give it a nice surprise flavor to the food.

  11. My plans for the sauces are quite simple. I keep the Arby-Q Sauce (yes, that’s it’s name as far as I’m concerned!) to use on fries…curly fries, of course! The Horsey Sauce might go to my sister who loved it as a child…if I’m feeling nice.

  12. I love to horse around with my horsey sauce and try it on everything and with Arby’s sauce I put it on my roast beef and dip my curly fries in it 🙂

  13. I would love to have Arby’s sauce to go with my Mickey Mouse sandwich maker. Hell, I think I’ll make Mickey Mouse waffles and use those for a sandwich with Arby’s sauce. Now that’s good mood food.

  14. Woo! Horsey sauce! I’d be putting that on my homemade beef ‘n cheddar sandwich. I successfully recreated the red ranch sauce at home last week (ketchup, cider vinegar, corn syrup, sugar, garlic powder and a few seasonings), but we sure could have used an extra condiment on those sandwiches.

  15. Arby’s Sauce on eggs? On toast? On pancakes? Sounds good to me!

    I wonder how Horsey sauce goes on vegetables. Seems wrong to put it on anything TOO healthy though, hmm …

  16. I love arby’s. And the one in our town is closed. And the one near where my husband works is now closed. So I will have to make do by buying Arby’s fries at my local wal-mart and dipping them in Arby’s sauce…

  17. What cannot be done with such culinary gems? Toss it into your green juice, it needs a little kick… maybe use it as ink to write in your new swaggy notebook? Actually, I’ll probably just use it on the Arbys sandwiches I get from the drive thru, because they never remember to give me sauce… sniffle…

  18. I’m going to chug that deliciousness straight from the bottles! Get in my belly Arny’s sauce and horsey sauce!

  19. An Arby’s Sauce Bloody Mary sounds pretty good to me. 🙂 But both sauces are good on pretty much everything…

  20. I plan to slather the Horsey sauce all over my prime rib roast next Christmas.

    As an aside, don’t ask for horseradish sauce when you go to Arbys. They just look at you funny. You must ask for ‘Horsey’ sauce or they’re all like ‘WTF?’ Once, the drive-thru guy even got angry and started twitching…

  21. To be honest, what would I put this on? obviously if I go to arby’s and get some sammiches and they forget the sauces (rarely happens). am I going to cry and enjoy sauceless roast beef sammiches! NO!!!! Im gonna walk into the kitchen and sauce them bitches up like a BOSS!!! also I play on making slow cooked arby and horsey sauce pulled pork!

  22. horsey sauce would be good on ice cream and Arby’s sauce would be good in beef stew or on top of mac and chees.

  23. OK, an Arby’s and horsey sauce bloody mary might actually be good. But I’ll probably stick with just plain barbeque sandwiches.

  24. I would definitely try both sauces on homemade beef n cheddar sandwiches, onion rolls and all!

  25. Yes it is about time Arby’s has finally sold bottles of their sauces again. My local Arby’s (Wisconsin, not sure if it was a regional thing) sold bottles of their Arby’s sauce 10-15 years ago.

    Anyways, I plan on using the arby’s sauce to baste BBQ ribs and then make a creamy, horseradish sauce with the horsey sauce and some heavy cream (plus some other goodies.)

  26. I’m gonna slather a beef roast with Horsey sauce and stick it in the crockpot! Also, I will be dipping fries in both sauces!

  27. I would use the Arby’s sauce in a quesadilla with leftover pot roast and some nice creamy cheese. Maybe try it on a salad with some bleu cheese for some super tangy goodness.

  28. Can’t think of a better idea than Horsey sauce Bloody Marys! I’d give the sauces to my husband to put on various meats the kids and I will not eat!

  29. I’d cobble myself together some pastrami on rye, pepperjack, and thin-sliced fried red onion with the horsey sauce, and save the arby’s sauce for sliced steak sandwiches and fries. I’d give it a go in a bloody mary too, just for funsies.

  30. I have a bottle at home and I eat it on everything little arby sauce on the turkey sandwich, little bit on pizza. It has been amazing.

  31. Arby’s Sauce Bloody Mary? That could be amazing. I’m sure I could find more conventional uses for it, too. Might have to remind myself what it tastes like first…

  32. Ugh, trying it on ice cream?! No way. That’s crazy. But I’m gonna try it on a PB & J!

  33. Love Lays potato chips dipped in Arby’s sauce. In high school one of the standard luches was a roast beef sandwich and Lays and I used to grab a handful of sauce to dip my chips in. Tasty.

  34. *edit previous comment got too excited from the thought of it lol – my comment SHOULD READ : I would use both to MAKE an amazing pot roast!

  35. I will pour the Arby’s sauce over a hot dog, which I will then consume while watching The Chase because I am a free American.

  36. I’m going to use the horsey sauce on pulled pork sliders on Hawaiian king rolls for my kids!!

  37. Arby’s Bronco Berry Sauce is awesome. I wish that came in bottles too.

    As for the Arby’s Sauce, I’m thinking crock pot Arby’s Sauce chicken. Maybe with a side of Horsey Sauce rice…

  38. I’ll use the horsey sauce on vegetarian roast beef. 🙂 It’s also awesome on perogies.

  39. I would try the Arby’s sauce with chicken nuggets from Chick-fil-A, just because.

  40. Ooooh, a Horsey Bloody Mary sounds wonderful! Or on crab cakes! Or inside Beef Wellington!

  41. I’ll hoard my Arby’s Sauce, smother it on my sandwiches and not share with any of my coworkers!

  42. I’m a simple man. Im just going to soak my pillow in Horsey sauce for maximum sauce longevity.

  43. Horsey sauce! Slathered my Arby’s Jr. sandwiches on many occasions while loitering in the mall during my youth. Now as an adult, I envision creating a new poke (raw tuna chunks appetizer) with the horsey sauce and making use of the Arby’s sauce for an extra kick to shrimp cocktail. Then use the VIP cards as an excuse to loiter around the mall.

  44. Those sauces would make an awesome smoked potato salad. Slow smoke new potatoes in the smoker and then toss in some Arby’s and Horsey sauce for some kick.


    That and I can stop trying to replenish my packet stock every time I hit up the restaurant.

  46. I need this! Both Arby’s I’ve tried have been sold out. I need the sauce for the frozen Arby’s fries I always have in my freezer.

  47. I will use the Horsey Sauce with French fries and sandwiches I take home from Arby’s. Thanks.

  48. What wouldn’t I do with those Arby’s sauces? I put horsey on everything from eggs to chocolate cake. (not really, but I *could* if I owned this)

  49. I plan on putting the arby’s sauce on everything, including cardboard. Because anything with arby’s sauce is delicious. Hmmm arby’s sauce and grilled cheese…

  50. I would go outside and dump some of it out to see if it freezes (send it fast before the polar vortex is over.)

  51. I will be passing the sauce along to Dad, who will do with it whatever he darned well pleases, cuz he’s like that.

  52. I would take a little Arby’s and a lot of Horsey and mix it all up and then dip my sandwiches, chicken nuggets, potatoes, chips, etc. in it – like I do with all the packets I pilfer from Arbys each trip.

  53. Thy sauce will be just great on my sandwiches , pretzels, chips, mashed potatoes…you name it!!

  54. Am I the only one who actually saves his old Arby’s packets in an old Taco Bell bag in the fridge? I must have at least 50 sauces in there. I guess if I won a bottle, I could empty all the packets into it once the bottle was empty?

  55. I’m totally going to chug the Arby’s sauce straight up. Doesn’t everyone? 🙂

  56. I’m going to use the sauces on some grilled steak once the grill cover is “un-frozen” from the grill here in New Jersey.

  57. I would BATHE in Arby’s horsey sauce if I could–that sauce is so dangerously addicting and so freaking good with just about everything!! Eggs, fries, sandwiches-EVERYTHANGGGG!!!

    1. I’m sure your not following up on this thread, but I’m thinking that two parts horsey plus one part sour cream and some dill would rock a steak or salmon’s world.

  58. Hook the arby sauce up to an I.v., stick in my arm, *aaaaah*. Okay, I’m not that haardcore, but I’d use it on Sammie’s and chicken strips (as dip). Yum! I wonder, do they sell their Bronco Berry Sauce as a part of this supermarket line?

  59. I am going to put all the Arby sauces on my ribs, chicken nuggets, sushi, fish, and all of my veggies.

  60. I’ll take my Horsey Sauce on my french fries, please! Oh, and maybe I’d use it in sandwiches, too.

  61. I love that danged Arby’s sauce, but I hate Pearlridge and Waipahu is too danged far for this Windward girl to travel. I’d use a bottle of Arbys sauce on just about anything: chicken fingers, quesadillas, rice. Pretty much anything.

  62. The Arby’s sauce will go on anything that it’s compatible with. Hopefully something yummy!!

  63. I like to mix the two sauces – 2 parts Arby’s Sauce and 1 part Horsey Sauce – and dunk my roast beef sandwich in the mixture.

  64. I would put Horsey Sauce on everything! (And I could quit grabbing so many packets everytime I go to Arby’s!)

  65. Well I’d probably use the Horsey Sauce on just regular sandwiches and such since it is so awesome. I might also consider stashing it away since my local Arby’s somehow seems to avoid putting packets of Horsey Sauce in my orders even when I specifically ask for them! They never make mistakes on what I actually order, just don’t give the sauce I want.

  66. I’m picturing something with beer. I have a lot of crappy-ass beers in my cupboard, so anything leftfield I can do to punch it up, I should.

  67. I remember buying bottles of Arby sauce in the early ’90s. I would use these to… relive my childhood?!?

  68. Roast the beef. Slice the beef. Put it on a bun. Martin’s potato roll. Slather with horsey sauce. A bit of arby sauce. Eat the beef.
    I’ll also make some big mac’ish sauce with the horsey, for burgers and fries, and grill up some arby sauce glazed chicken. I really wish they would bottle up the three pepper sauce, that stuff makes me really happy.

  69. I think it would go great with my leftover turkey from Thanksgiving and christmas…still eating both

  70. My mind went straight to one place, PIZZA. One Arby’s sauce pie… Dare I dip a slice in the Horsey Sauce… I think I do!

  71. Definitely will be putting horsey sauce in my sandwiches for lunch everyday.. Probably even take the bottle to subway with me.

  72. I’d shred up some pork and use the Arby’s sauce as a base for a fake!pulled pork pizza…mmmm. The horsey sauce would go with some fried shallots into mac and cheese. And both on random sandwiches, of course.

  73. I just ran out of barbecue sauce, so I’ll be using it on all the food I normally use bbq sauce on. I love Arby’s!

  74. After feeding my pet lobster, Scupper, a sustained diet of Arby’s roast beef and curly fries, I would say a sad farewell, and jam him in the steamer pot and crank er up!

    Once finished, I would serve Scupper with a fresh Arby’s Side salad and Steakhouse Onion Rings, not to mention the said sauces for dipping. I have a feeling these sauces would pair well with the roast beef fed Lobster. No need for drawn butter!

  75. oooh! what WOULDN’T i do?!i’d try arby’s sauce on EVERYTHING! i have discovered that A1 is great on almost anything, much like ranch. horsey sauce i would save for special instances, like every time i have french fries.

  76. I’d make a crockpot full of roasted beef and use the sauce to douse it for a delicious dinner.

  77. I am actually almost on an all cheese diet, so I will dunk my cheese in it, cheddar, Gouda, Comte, cranberry cheddar, Parmesan, swiss, the list is endless….When I have the occasional fried chicken patty from mcdonalds, I will slap some on that!

  78. I love to eat at Arby’s because they are one of the few places that have curly fries. I always snag a few packs of Arby’s sauce for me to use at home. Now that I know I can buy it, I don’t have to feel like a dirt-bag for snagging packets.

  79. If I had that Arbys sauce I could literally get my Husband to do whatever I want in exchange for some.

  80. I didn’t put a plan on my other post. I plan pour it on some chicken nuggets and lick my fingers with dat horsey sauce.

  81. I’m going to make a beef and cheddar burger and slather it with horsey and Arby’s sauce. It will be a very faithful recreation of the actual sandwich down to the onion roll and cheese sauce…but I’m going to throw an 8 oz. patty of ground beefy deliciousness in between in lieu of the roast beef.

  82. Maybe I can make my own Arby copycat at home with the sauce on hand now. But the Arby sauce would definitely go well on some chips as a dip.

  83. I can finally stop stuffing extra sauces in my pockets and getting dirty looks from army employees 🙂 plan: pour on EVERYTHING.

  84. Arby’s Horsey Sauce is the best. Got a bit of zing to it. I use it on so many different foods. Would love to win this. Thanks for the giveaway.

  85. I’m going to package the Horsey sauce and give it to my mother for Christmas because I’m incredibly thoughtful

  86. I think the Arby’s Sauce would go great on hot dogs and burgers! I only wish they bottled and sold their Red Ranch Sauce that they put on their beef n cheddars! Amazingsauce!

  87. I’m going to bring it to Arby’s with me and put in on Arby’s food AT ARBY’s like some kind of VIP bigshot. “yeah, it’s coo,l I know Arby don’t worry about it”

  88. I would use that Arby’s & Horsey Sauce on a lovely pork loin roast that I make for my family. Then the next day I would use the leftovers to make sandwiches topped with what else? Arby’s new sauces, of course!!!

  89. Will sub these sauces for ketchup during my weekend Spam-n-Over Easy Eggs plus rice meals. Every. Weekend.

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