SPOTTED ON SHELVES – Pace Taco Shells (Original, Kickin’ Jalapeno, and Nacho Cheese)

Pace Taco Shells (Original, Kickin' Jalapeno, and Nacho Cheese)

“Thanks Doritos and Taco Bell for not selling nacho cheese taco shells before us,” said Pace Foods as they watched dollar signs dance around their heads. (Spotted by Andi at Walmart.)

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9 thoughts to “SPOTTED ON SHELVES – Pace Taco Shells (Original, Kickin’ Jalapeno, and Nacho Cheese)”

  1. I kind of applaud Pace on this one.

    Taco Bell’s licensing agreement with Kraft hasn’t led to any remotely interesting products, and I guess adding Doritos (owned by PepsiCo, which competes with Kraft former-other-half Mondelez) to the licensing mix would have complicated bringing a Doritos taco shell to the grocery shelves.

    Come to think of it, I’m applauding Pace enough to wish I liked using hard taco shells for home cooking.

    1. I had to disagree a little bit; the ‘Taco Bell Home Originals Bold & Creamy Jalapeno Sauce’ is great for quesadillas and sandwiches. Plus it’s nice to be able to get the ‘restaurant sauce’.

      1. I’m now making a note to look for that next time I’m in the store, as I’d like something similar to the salsa mix made with sour cream that’s sold in tourist shops here, only in a premade form that’ll “keep” for a bit without my gorging on it. This might be it.

  2. The shells are little odd looking if you look closely it looks like an “L” shape maybe it is a bite mark.

  3. Well I hope not being satisfied with my purchase does not get me deleted. I went to Walmart to get dinner. I saw the display above and the impulse dinner was born. I got a box of each flavor gently took them home. Had every thing ready pulled them out of the box they were not packed in bubble wrap just a plastic bag. All of the nacho flavor shells were broken, I got 4 out of the jalapeno box and 4 of of the plain box that were not broken. So taco night became taco salad night for the kids, they like that anyway. My husband and I salvaged 8 shells for our dinner. I will not by them again I will stay with tried and true shells with bubble wrap actually the fry’s brand price wise are good and never broken. Sorry I wasted my money.

  4. I was looking forward to trying the nacho cheese taco shells. I had everything ready. I opened the box, and much to my dismay, only one shell was not broken, but it too was cracked. They did have a very good flavor otherwise.

  5. Well, I was excited to see this new product and couldn’t wait to try them, only to merely be extremely disappointed when I opened the box and pulled them out and EVERY single taco shell was broken! It came with no protection or box just in a plastic wrap. Needless to say my taco dinner was ruined. Who wants to run out at 7 pm at night to purchase taco shells. Thank God I had a brand of Great Value taco shells in my cupboard- they may be cheaper but at least they are protected. This was very disappointing and judging by the other comments I am not the only consumer this has happened to. Thank you for the great idea but I will not be purchasing this brand again…Hopefully Ortega or Old El Paso will get on the train and produce these flavored taco shells.

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